Saturday, 22 December 2012

December luxbox

So I stewed for over a month and decided as I read the new newsletter to sign up for December luxbox.i have re subbed for the hope that this new takeover will be more on the ball and we won't be waiting an age for boxes or we not doing them this month.
so they put the date back in the hope of the old subscribers subbing but they should of really sent the boxes out with the way the post is at Xmas time and let people re sub if wanted.with out upsetting the rest.
So my luxbox arrived on the 22nd December..
and actually its a good box better than the others have been so will see what January's box is like.

sheer cover base perfecter primer.
really light cream easy to use,  £21.95
sheer cover smokey eye shadow palette .
love this really lovely colours,and good pigment,easy to blend and use
green people fruit scrub
this is so lovely to use.not to coarse.lovely orange smell .£11.95
mashooqs deep penetrating oil.
lovely coconut and almond oil,deep scalp and hair oil for hair. doesn't leave the hair greasy and lank
ancienne ambiance luxury goddess gift shop,
lovely lavender,treated the original old fashioned way in a cauldron.

so it was a really good box it will be interesting to see what the next few months will be like if i stay with them .i can't comment on there Face book page as they blocked me .

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