Sunday, 31 March 2013

easter eggs

easter eggs well it is easter time,

So another Easter review as I'm working this weekend and don't get the chance to eat till tuesday the earliest.

so these new cadbury egg n spoon
there are like gold dust and not been able to get in shops round here for about 3 weeks now,
you get 4 eggs wrapped in foil and 2 spoons ,
unwrap the foil bite the top of the egg off and inside is a chocolate mousse its so smooth and creamy there divine.
also available with white chocolate mousse in equally unavailable to get your hands on round here.

cadburys egg n spoon

5 malteaster bunnies                                                                                                                              malteaser and chocolate in a bunny shape what more to say creamy Cadbury chocolate and crunchy biscuit center.

malteaster bunnies

cadbury creme eggs
Cadburys creme eggs , traditional British Easter chocolate eggs , with a sickly sweet fondant center. 

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