Monday, 22 April 2013

Fortune cookie soap company order

so hello everyone ,
my fortune cookie soap order has arrived and i think i will need to do some separate posts,
i thought after the spring box arrived i would order some of that as well.
so basically here it is below.
i decided on soaps ,whipped creams,sugar scrubs,bath bombs,hand sanitisers,lip scrubs.

so in this post i will include the lip scrubs ,i like these as they are in twist up tubes it makes it so much easier and less messy than the lush sugar scrubs.

itty bitty gritty caramel banana,$8.99
itty bitty gritty Irish cream,$8.99
rub on lips,wipe or lick off ,smile.
itty bitty gritty Irish cream,
itty bitty gritty caramel banana.

anyway please read my other blog posts comming up over the week ,
i just feel it would be better to do it this way rather than one huge post .see you soon.

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