Tuesday, 23 April 2013

fortune cookie soap company order whipped body butters/sugar scrubs.

hello everyone ,so part 2 of my blog is here for you all to read ,
you can find fortune cookie soap company here ,http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com
before you read on i should warn you there maybe a lot of omg ,if you have used or smelt there products you will understand if not get on line and shop ,it smells like fragrant,fresh ,fruits ,sweets,flowers etc.

all fortune cookie soap products are paraban free,no sls,no synthetic preservatives, no animal testing.

so  here we are ,

for st Patrick's day fcs brought out a whipped cream called lucky,
lucky whipped cream, $10.99
omg ,blueberries and marshmallow. the colour is pastel green.
this whipped body butter goes on so easy and sinks into the skin quickly ,the scent stays on the skin for ages and doesn't dry the skin either.
lucky whipped body cream

cupcake whipped body butter  cream,$10.99
this is a fcs best seller,
think vanilla  cake mix in a bowl its that sweet but doughy yellow colour,lightly scented not overly strong.but try not to eat it .
also i got
cupcake sugar scrub,$11.75
fcs best seller , think vanilla butter cream soft and fragrant.cake mix in a bowl.in a gentle sugar scrub.

cupcake sugar scrub,cupcake whipped body cream.

honeydew - me whipped body butter cream,$10.99
omg ,no other word but melon,melon,and more melon.
no seriously,honeydew ,cantaloupe,watermelon,apples and vanilla .so fresh and vibrant its cooling in the warm.bright yellow /green.
honeydew- me sugar scrub.$11.75
this seems even fruitier and fresher in a sugar scrub ,gentle on the skin but works wonder ,

honeydew -me whipped body cream,honeydew -me sugar scrub.

the birds and the bees sugar scrub,$11.75.
another little fruity number here strawberries,pomegranate,vanilla. in a baby blue pastel colour.

the birds and the bees sugar scrub.

so thanks for looking and next up will be bath bombs and bars. have you tried fortune cookie soap company stuff,are you thinking of trying something different.see you soon.

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