Wednesday, 24 April 2013

fortune cookie soap bath bombs.

hello and welcome to my bath goodies post from my fortune cookie soap company order.
you can find  fortune cookie soap here

so these are really foody scents, but not sickly sweet and smelt the house out after  will get more of there bombs and bars.

fortune cookie soap say this on there website,

Only Safe "Gunk Free" Ingredients

We are committed to formulating our soaps and bath products using only safe ingredients. All raw materials are rigorously researched not only for their therapeutic properties but also to make sure there are no harmful components. We don't use any of the following:
  • No parabens
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No animal testing!

 fresh blueberry gelato bath bomb.
this is deep fresh blueberries straight up.the Shea butter in this softens the skin well,mixed with milk and sugar.
willy wonka turned a girl into a blueberry,she properly never smelt like one .
hopefully this bath bomb won't make you swell up or turn blueberry .
this is good enough to eat ,comes with a spoon ,i use to smash some off and add to the bath ,

looks like a scoop of ice-cream in a coupe.
blueberry gelato bath bomb.
pink watermelon bath bomb.$6.99
this milk and sugar softened water ,Shea butter , and fresh watermelon.
this is slightly fragrant but without the over kill.think freshly cut wedge of watermelon and you just bitten into it with juice running over you,again i use the spoon to smash some up and put in the bath.

pink water melon gelato bath bomb.

cake batter gelato bath bomb.$6.99
sweet cake mix,deep vanilla,rich smelling,it has cake sprinkles mixed through the bomb.
smash a bit into the bath .the milky ,sugar bath mixed with the vanilla cake batter mix makes a relaxing bath ,the Shea butter softens the skin.
(the best way in the UK to explain the cake batter ,cupcake scent is vanilla butter cream).
cake batter gelato  bath bomb.

down to earth solid bubble bar $4.99
this is from there spring range ,
lavender and basil this is a real strong one,you get the the mellow lavender which lingers and scents the bath for hours ,then you get a top note of the herb basil cutting through.
a good fragrant bath .
it says 2-3 baths out of one but if you grate it in you get more than 6 baths out of this one bar.
it looks like a world globe ,

down to earth bubble bar.

moves like jager .$4.50
who doesn't want to moves  like jager. we do.
omg black licorice  overload ,it makes my nose all zingy.
so black liquorice and mountain dew makes you dance to the bath tub ,it sure does,
it says 1-2 baths but if you grate it you get more and more bubbles ,and still a good bath.
got to say i love this its going to be a staple buy i feel.
moves like jager .

so basically you can grate the bars ,smash them or use them whole its up to you but you still get the same results a lovely soothing softening bath, by grating you get more bubbles though.
thank you for reading ,have you tried these or will you now try them let me know .

another blog post coming up soon from fcs.

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