Friday, 26 April 2013

fortune cookie soap company. soaps and ocd order.

hello this is the last post until my wizard collection arrives so.
you can shop on line here.
fortune soaps are well fortune cookie shaped .each have there own paper printed fortune to read.
these are hollow hand moulded soaps.each one gets over 20 washes from.

honeydew me.$3.29
spring line,
this lovely  bright soap even makes you feel warm and sunny.will certainly leave you screaming for melons.
you get the full on fresh cut honeydew ,watermelon,apple,cantaloupe, scents straight up.
fcs honeydew-me soap

glows in the dark soap.a real superman hater soap,strong green apple scent.
made with cosmetic grade glow in the dark powder for that full on kryptonite illusion.Share on facebookShare on twitterShare o
fcs kryptonite

caramel apples.$3.49
this green apple fortune cookie is smothered in sweet sticky caramel.
what more is there to loves this soap i find tends to warm the scents up when used in warm water.
fcs caramel apples

a nod to the hippies$3.29
spring line,
just got to say i wasn't to sure of this scent in my spring box but once i saw the soap had to buy one ,it was a good call as well.
patchouli,amber ,vanilla,makes this a truly relaxing scent.strong but earthy.
all you need is peace ,love,and fcs.
fcs a nod to the hippies.

go ahead with  this sweet all rainbows and kittens soap.
black and purple swirled into this mango,papaya,and candy corn soap.its really fresh and potent soap
fcs boogeyman

next fortune cookie ocd ,hand sanitisers.

i never get on with these things as they are too drying so I'm glad i took people advice and tried them ,I'm buying more.
fcs ocd contain glycerin,which moisturises,and stops drying,aloe Vera,soothing and healing,pro vitamin b-5,vitamin,E.
a proportion of sales from each bottle goes to ocd foundation.

honeydew-me ocd.$2.89
i got this with glitter as you have a choice of with or without.
this bright yellow liquid is quite a thick mixture.
full on honeydew,watermelon,cantaloupe,apple,vanilla.
fcs honeydew-me ocd

dirty hoe.$2.89
what happens in the garden stays in the garden,especially when a dirty hoe is involved.get as dirty as you like,don't worry we got your back.
this is full on earthy with the freshly cut grass thrown in ,a crisp fresh scent.
fcs dirty hoe ocd.

i wet my plants.$2.89
yes read it again there is  an L in there,
melon,jasmine,baby powder.
fcs i wet my plants

so what do you think of fcs products. have you tried them what do you think,are you tempted to try after reading my blogs,let me now please thank you .

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