Monday, 25 February 2013


hello everyone ,welcome to my latest beauty box sub for february .
                                                                 LUXBOX .
luxbox can be found here.

so heres my box

heres the big unveiling .
luxbox contents

and here the products we have been given this month so lets commence.

BALM BALM. single note edp ylang ylang.rrp £15,  12ml  and size given as well.
a single note 100% organic edp. made with ylang ylang essential oil,pure grain alcohol,
wonderful and exotic and sensuous,can used on its own or mixed with any other single note perfume from the range.
on label on bottle it says care to be taken on use in pregnancy,if you have high blood pressure,suffer from the uk it shouldn't be used .
other scents available,bergamot,mandarin,rose geranium,lavender,spearmint,petit grain.
balm balm edp ylang ylang

THE VINTAGE COSMETIC COMPANY retractable lip brush rrp £7,
made from natural bristles the lip brush is cased in a silver cover.
the vintage cosmetic company lip pencil

MURAD, POMEGRANATE EXFOLIATING MASK .rrp £25 for 6 treatments ,sample given a small sachet.
an zingy  antioxidant rich face mask. restores,revitalises and balances, use 2-3 times a week. its suppose to blast black heads and any trapped dirt in your skin to leave it clean and invigorated.
contains,pomegranate extract,ginko bilbo extract. natural fruit enzymes. .
murad pomegranate mask

INIKA,NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO LUXBOX ,rose hip creme,colour for cheeks,and lips. rrp £22, size 2g.
well all the way from Australia this brand is bunny friendly veggie friendly,
creme me for cheeks and lips is fully moisturising, and doesn't drag on the skin. contains jojoba oil,vitamin e,carnauba wax,rich in pigment,that makes your cheeks look flushed all day.
inika limited edition.

COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL.crimson lip pencil .rrp £7.50. this lip pencil shapes,defines, and gives definition.use to complement your lipstick or gloss.
so basically its just another lip pencil .
colour me beautiful lip pencil.

crimson lip pencil,crimson.

so  i don't really know what to say about this box ,i really don't.
have you ordered one please let me know if you have a better one or a different scent or colours.
what do you think of the box, personally its just not for me .maybe others will like theres.
thank you for reading and please comment below.

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