Saturday, 16 February 2013

My lush limited order mother day ,Easter,

Hello everyone,so just a little blog about what I received from lush limited UK.
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Valentines range never excited me this year ,the soap lacked a good scent .so I was waiting for Easter and mothers day range.
So only a small order I placed,
8 x mum kins ,£2.75 each ,100g.
The mum kins is suppose to be a lovely raspberry sweet smell,like colours the bath water a pretty shade of pink ,to me and many on line have also said its not as sweet,sticky raspberry as it could of been I think that the violet seems to of overtaken which I find a little sad.

mumkin family

9x secret gardens,90g. £2.50.each.
A ballistic that is full of the joys of spring,rose absolute,sweet Wild orange,rosewood,inside,the secret garden are petals,rose,bluemallow,marigold,makes a lovely green water.
secret garden
This was a potent little number and heavily perfumed if yo like rose queen your love this .
The mum wand,75g £5.25
the mum

This is a reusable bubble bar.scented with lime and orange.
Best results hold under running water,and then swish in the water for lots of scent and bubbles.
These annoy me abit as they are a gimmick and would rather use a bubble bar with better results,
Of all the bubble bars the washing up fairy is the only one I have in standby you never know when you run out of washing up liquid ,with do a post later on.
Your suppose to get some flower seeds on a label but for 3 years now I have never received any on these from mail order.

Madame butterfly. 75g £5.25
A rose and lemon,geranium papillon,
A lovely pink bath ,this is the strongest smelling one of the bath wands for mothers day .
madam butterfly

Also is a mum tulip, 75g £5.25
Chocolate orange and yuzu and cocoa scent this tulip.
mum tulip

Last up is the  Easter egg hunt. Soap  100g £ 3.40.
This giant soap looks like a giant lawn with Easter eggs planted in and it looks amazing .
This soap is fragranced the same as the mumkins ,a sweet fruity raspberry perfume.everyone was looking forward and excited to see and get this .
Easter egg hunt soap.
Easter egg soap

but alas as many have already said I have to agree,lush I'm not impressed,I can't smell the raspberry the violet has taken over and it has that green scent to it and it's verging on cucumber scent ,what a disappointment again.the citrus seems to knock all the perfumes off.
I think lush are really lacking in experience in using scents in these soap bases more so than the creamy soaps.and it dried my hands and wasn't a great lather making soap either.

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