Thursday, 6 June 2013

fortune cookie soap

hello there so my fortune cookie soap order arrived today and i did get the wizard collection but also some more things in there normal range to try
you can find fortune cookie soap here.
 so first off here is my order .

spiced apple soap bar this has a whole cinnamon stick running through the centre and smells gorgeous cant wait to use this smells  like hot apple juice with cinnamon and spices yum,
spiced apple soap bar
cinnamon rolls soap bar ,
omg it was a huge spicy cinnamon roll.full on heady they have been freshly baked.

cinnamon rolls soap bar
soap bar sample set.
eleven samples of there soaps so you can try before buying a whole one .
included,down to earth,hazelnut cappucino,gin gimlet,late bloomer,clearly complexion,honeydew me,kiss my vine,a nod to the hippies,rosewood if she could,baby doll,creamy dreamy oatmeal cookie.
soap bar sample set ,11 bars.
lady lavender bath bomb.
you cant beat a relaxing lavender bath after a long bust day at work when all you want is sleep .this certainly sends you off quick.
made with lavender essential oils and lavender buds a good stress reliever as well,

lady lavender bath bomb.
raspberry cream bath gift.
fortune cookie with a paper fortune sticking out ,raspberries,cream and vanilla makes this a sweet soap to use .
raspberry cream soap gift
sweet tart martini soap gift .
omg this is freaking awesome this soap quite tart but full of punch to wake up your senses .i love this soap.think the American sweet tart sweets mixed with martini .
sweet tart martini soap gift
mango cocoa ittybitty sugar lip scrub
right i know have 5 of these things and are seriously good a sugar lip scrub but compacted into a solid and put in a tube not loose in a pot ,totally awesome and i love this flavour,

vanilla mint ittybitty sugar lip scrub.
a good zingy mint number calmed with a hint of vanilla love this as well.

green apple mint lip balm.
juicy green apples and zingy mint all blended with bees wax,Shea butter,cocoa butter,coconut oil and vitamin E,
mango and cocoa,vanilla mint itty bitty ,green apple mint lip balm.

and of course you cant order without buying there ocd hand sanitisers.
so another honeydew me,snow bunny,snow day,boy toy,morning wood,
fcs ocd hand sanitisers,
and last of all

espresso macaroon,
a deep strong coffee macaroon bath bomb this smells like extra strong fresh coffee love it.
espresso macaroon.

roll on my summer soap box next.

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