Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Flavr Box

so i decided to buy a different kind of subscription box in June this one is a food based one,
so here is flavr box, £20, a month .
you Can have it monthly or quarterly or pause and swap a month,or cancel at anytime,you can buy as a gift as a one off.
each box has a minimum products up to £18.

here is the June flavr box.

so first up
passion fruit marshmallows,by little delicious.£3.50
handmade from natural  ingredients and real fruit puree.gluten free,no additives,most are egg free,and dairy free.most are fat free.
passion fruit marshmallow

blood tonic MR Fitzpatrick's.£4.25
all these vintage cordials are being produced this day after hundreds of years.botanically brewed with the finest natural ingredients.
this makes a lovely summer punch with good sources of vitamin,A,C,D,E,can be diluted with still or sparkling,or soda water.
blood tonic Mr Fitzpatrick's

split dried fava beans,by hodmedod.£1.90
delicious and nutritious,these beans used to be a good all year round good source of protein in the UK.
no need to soak just cook slowly for 20-24 minutes.great in soups or stews ,curries,falafel,dips.
hodmedod,fava beans

salt selection box by devonshire salt,£6.
this selection includes,
Himalayan pink salt,lemon and fennel and chili,viking sea salt.
add variety to your meals.
devonshire salt salt selection.

balsamic vinegar and garlic and chili pittas,by souffle's,£3.
the balsamic ones  are good with cheese,the chili ones are good with dips. pitta chips are great with anything.
souffles pitta chips.

so something different to try either as a one off or as a monthly or quarterly treat.

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