Tuesday, 27 November 2012

my new nail haul

well hello there, so i love my nails inc and ciate, and at a squeeze china glaze and opi .but i am open for changes .so there has been much talk about models own and i thought i would see what it was all about .so i went looking for a blue,a purple,and a green.
now i like that they have the darker colours so i thought i would be spoilt for choice. well i heard boots were there main retailer and off i headed .WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. canterbury and westwood cross had bugger all.so deflated i emailed them at models own and they were looking into it .so they got me to do an online order and i went for  betty blue.emerald black beetlejuice,purple imperial kaleidoscope .nail i know nails inc lasts an age on me so im intrested to see how models own last and if they chip .ive done a few swatches and love the colours but need to try them properly.but i still prefer nails inc sorry.
so here it goes first up is emerald black beetlejuice this i was looking for as it has a green hue to it looks better in photo as more black on the nail.but pleasantly surprised.
next up was betty blue ,nice and bright quite liked this but to get desired depth of colour i would need 3 or4 coats as the polish is so thin.
and the last one is purple imperial kielidoscope now i was so looking foreword as its a fantastic colour in the bootle it oozed the right purple .
it was awful so watery and 5 coats and not a rich purple so sad.
although for about £5 each its cheap and only really loved the beetlejuice  emerald black i was abit disappointed in the consistency,and it took ages to dry.and the only one not to chip was the beetlejuice. after reading and listening to the hype i think its not for me.and i would rather spend £11-£18 on a thicker and better made polish.

so tell me do you use models own or similar why do you prefer these to nails inc ,cite,essie,china glaze,opi. is price led,or availability or what. thanks for reading.

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