Thursday, 8 November 2012

My American candy

So my American sweets arrived today as you will find I love to order sweets, soda, grocery foods from abroad, I love to use stateside candy company uk and as a back up cyber candy today was my chewing gum order and peanut butter order,
First off I love the flavours of gum from the states that they do and can't get over here .
I have wriggleys extra mint choc chip gum
Wriggleys extra  American apple pie
Wriggleys extra key lime pie
Wriggleys extra strawberry shortbread
Wriggleys extra orange cream
Wriggleys extra  rainbow sherbet
now I love that they taste authentic and they don't loose there flavour  ,and at £1.50 a packet or a 4 pack packet is £4.25  which doesn't work at to expensive at the end , and it beats the dull flavours of gum available in the uk,so have you tried other gums do you shop in other country's ,I think it comes from school trips to France and Austria when I was younger and would buy loads of Hollywood gum back in the day do you still get it or has it been deleted from memory.

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