Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beauty box pain in the arse

So I'm fed up .I just put a post up on luxbox asking when the boxes are being sent out . And again to give them a chance to tell us about the new company future pink media and events and explain what's going to happen now they are onboard. Well I joined up right at the beginning and patience has well and truly fucked off now, so no sooner did I post that the comment was taken down . So your not having my personal details and all that so it's time to hit unsub once and for all .so annoyed. And the constant ignoring people's posts and emails just like glossybox . So annoyed they told us there would be emails, newsletters explaining and we get sweet FA. I can't be the only person royally fed up . What do you think of all this going on please leave a comment I've been so good but I think enough iS enough now. Sorry rant over( unless my joliebox arrives tomorrow and is crap)💔

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