Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Some for the xmas stocking

So as I was looking for deals online and something a bit different for Xmas I found these @cybercandy uk ,as I use this company amongst others a far bit I had a read up and thought I'd get 4 .with the view of me and my son eating one each and the others for Xmas stocking and Xmas day table gift .
So take out candy pretend to be in the movies you know when they all sit around eating Chinese out of white containers with metal handles and
chop sticks.for £3.40
You get 350g of mixed sweets and chocolate mice , all chopstick friendly
We decided that it has a WOW factor something different good for a gift or taking out for a car / train journey with or without kids, this idea gets people asking you where did you buy that from, we would buy again and deffinatly mastered the fun of eating with chopsticks we loved the idea.
What do you think cool or naff .

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