Saturday, 24 November 2012

My advent calender

Well on the lush forum we asked lisa if she could maybe do some advent calendars for next year.
Well she came backand said she can manage 20 .so for a one off price £40 I got in there quick,
So I hear you ask what's in this advent well. I tell you 25 days yes 25 days like advent calendars used to be like years ago of .

See link

So we have 25 days of her finest wax tarts and melts. With some totally one of scents never done before.

So these are way better than Yankee and the lists and variations are fab,when I opened the main box the scents stunk the house out and still is in my room as you can see for the first one  it's cool she did add sweets but they are eaten, I think I will do a blog Saturday on each Saturday with the weeks goodies so you can all see what I had each day .
I'm currently waiting for a big order of candles and tarts from her and with blog when here as some are pressies and she decorates the top of candles in the tins .more later on that ,I would deffinatly recommend her products though.
so although the box man let her down and it was a quick job ,cant wait for next years one .ro;; on next saturday for 1st december. 

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