Monday, 8 July 2013


so my postman has drop landed my box for the month,
if you want to know about the beautecobox, you get to preview 3 boxes each month you then select which box 1,2,3, you want to receive,and then pay£10 plus p&p.for buying the box or reading about look here,
so here is the box ,its a green Eco recycled box,and again i chose box number 1.
as of normal let me know what you think of this months choices ,did you choose a different number box what did you think.i quit like these boxes as you can see up front which one you would you want and basically you know your not gonna end up with a poor box like other sub boxes.

my goodies,

July beautecobox 
NEAL AND WOLF,evelate,
this is a voluminous lotion very good for limp hair ,very good on my lifeless fine hair. full size £11.95

NEAL AND WOLF,harmony,
intensive hair treatment,leaves hair shiny,manageable,and healthy.full size,£12.95
NEAL AND WOLF  harmony
 beautecobox exclusive 2ml samples.
ACCORELLE,day cream,leaves the skin soft and smooth,tightens the skin up over time.
night cream,stimulates regeneration of the cells,boost the collagen,elastin,glycosaminoglycanes.
,serum,immediate and long lasting toning effect.
this brand can be found in m&s so expect this latest instalment from this french company to be seen in there soon.
exclusive ACCORELLE,
 PUKKA,radiance serum.
10ml sample.made with maluka honey and aloe Vera to soothe and refresh,
gotu kola and lemon balm to tone and refresh.
this serum can be used daily and refreshes and brightens the face up
organic registered and bunny friendly.paraben free and synthetic fragrance and colour free.
ARTDECO soft kajal liner,full size .
this pencil has a gel like consistency ,and smudges to dull the colour ,£8.

ARTDECO kajal liner,


FjordBeauty said...

I'm getting even more excited after reading you review. Hopefully my box will arrive in the next few days. Looking forward to try Acorrelle. :)

Olivia xxx
Beauty from the Fjord

Lorna Johnson said...

The day cream is loose but sinks in well and leaves the skin moisturised. The night cream is really thick . The serum was like a cream not gel like and really is nice sunk really well and moved over the skin well I like it.

FjordBeauty said...

Thanks for following. The serum sounds very nice. :) x

Lorna Johnson said...

and thank you for the following ,the serum may become my winter serum as its a better consistency .