Wednesday, 10 July 2013


SO MY GLAM GURU box arrived today.
for anyone who hasn't heard of glam guru before they are a subscription box from Israel.
slightly different is that the sub is like a few new ones started in the UK in that you email them or they email you when the new box is out,you then pay by pay pal,at present not a rolling sub but they are looking into it for ease.
if you are in the UK the box including postage is £19.which considering the product is very good value for money.
you can find GLAM GURU here,
if you contact them you get email response very quickly and help all the way through to  paying.
when i initially signed up.i sent then my basics like most box profiles add.they thanked me and the box is adjusted to suit.

so the July box i opened to find not the luxurious black ribboned box but a clear pink rimmed cosmetic bag.always a bonus.THE THEME FOR THE MONTH IS SUMMER OF GLAM.
a sneak peak.
July glam guru sneak shot.

summer of glam guru.
so first off.
San Francisco  soap company cherry blossom hand cream,42.5g.
this moisturising hand cream uses finest ingredients to give maximum nourishment to the skin,this leaves lovely cherry blossom scent on the hands.
Jasmin natural care perfume oil extract with musk.30ml.
a soft and velvety signature scent for everybody,the oil is the strongest and longest lasting form of fragrance,this is alcohol free .
OK i don't like musk as it kicks me in the throat and i cough.this is totally different i feel it may be because its an oil base .i rubbed it into my skin and it kind of warmed my skin,and do you know it is so gentle the musk its lovely not so strong .you just get a gentle touch.the oil just rubbed so well into the skin,i will be using this for sure.
JASMIN natural musk perfume oil.
senscience silk moisture shampoo for dry hair.50ml.
a shampoo for dry hair. moisturises ,cleanses and softens,
this has lots of fruit extracts and sweet almond extract,silk proteins all help for dry,damaged,split ends,dehydrated limp hair ,thermal styling damage.and is perfect for my coloured hair so great choice here.
SIMPLY BE WELL,fragrance free body wash,30ml.
a gentle body wash with cleansers from organic coconut and sunflower sls,or parabens,
99%of ingredients are certified organic.

LCN SPA  white tea hand cream.5ml.
a rich anti-age hand cream,containing white tea and orchid extracts,protects against free radicals and other environmental conditions.
OFRA EYE BROW PENCIL.full size.brown.
this is a universal eye pencil.pigment was OK but not great but it depends on if using as eyebrow or eye liner i guess.

OFRA brow pencil.
so i find myself happy again this month,lovely box of good products,all will be used.the standard seems to be better than UK sub boxes.and i get to try different products from different countries .win win for me.
do you like the look of this box ,thinking about getting one ,have you received your box is it different to mine,let me know ,until next time ,good-bye.

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