Thursday, 11 July 2013


 so this week we have woken up to being visited by the guerrilla knitters, or yarn stormers  or yarn bombers as they are known,
they hit seaside resorts in the dead of night undetected,even under CCTV surveillance , rumour has it that its a lone person in black others think its a group doing it.they do themes generally .
they hit broadstairs Kent in the past week with various decorations,around the sea front, we have various other small crafty pieces been done .it seems people are walking around finding other pieces in bushes,trees,on the beach,on a boat.

so have you heard about guerrilla knitters,have you seen any of there handy work ,WHO ARE THESE SECRET PEOPLE DOING cheers you up seeing it .although the old lady is on a corner and makes you jump,apparently dog walkers have been fooled and been saying morning to night in the dark a few drunks have sat and had a chat.

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