Monday, 22 July 2013


so hello and welcome to my fortune cookie soap SUMMER COLLECTION,order review.
you can find  fortune cookie soap
face book here,
so as you may remember i did a review post after i received my SUMMER SOAP BOX ,here.
i love there products and the way they come up with ideas ,scents,and products.

my order.
summer collection order
so to make it easy i decided it would be best to group each scent together,

so mother pucker
is a lovely green colour. Meyer lemon,garden mint makes this a fresh citrus herbal uplifting scent .fcs soap,$3.49,body wash $10.99,mist me botanical spray $9.99,ocd hand sanitiser$2.89.roll on perfume$7.99 sugar scrub$11.75.

mother pucker fcs

body shot,
is a keeper for me real fruity ,this is a raspberry lemonade,its a deep scent that lasts all day,fcs did this from jello shots and love of raspberry lemonade,
body shot in body wash$10.99,botanical mist $9.99,fcs$3.29,ocd hand sanitiser,$2.89,roll on perfume,$7.99,sugar scrub$11.75.whipped cream$10.99,solid bubble bath $5.99,

body shot fcs

do you salsa or mango.
fragranced with island mango,cilantro ,citrus lime,Chile,
fcs $3.29,solid shampoo$8.99,botanical mist me$9.99,body wash$10.99,sugar scrub$11.75,whipped cream$10.99,ocd hand sanitiser$2.89,bath bomb $4.75,

do you salsa or mango fcs,

one in a melon,
this smells just like watermelon jolly ranchers,sweet but fruity.
fcs,$3.49,ocd hand sanitiser $2.89,mist me botanical spray,$9.99,

one in a melon fcs

and a few things i wanted but not more of the collection so a one off ,

tropical pinacolada,
solid bubble bath $5.99,
aquaholic bath bomb fcs,

where the sun don't shine,
coconut and bananas summer scents.
bath bomb $6.99,

where the sun don't shine bath bomb fcs,
i also got a sample pack of botanical mists sprays for $11.99
i got mother pucker,body shot,do you salsa or mango and one in a melon.

so this is my review for the summer collection, hope you have enjoyed reading it .MY MINE MUST HAVES from the summer collection are body shot,mother pucker,do you salsa or mango.

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