Saturday, 5 January 2013

lush limited mail order sale haul 2012

Hello everyone so this year. Thought I would try phoning my order through rather than go online for the sale as its always a nightmare crashing and spending hours for it to load and then spend a week hoping that it went through properly.
So after trying dead on 12 noon I redialled along with thousands it took 45 attempts and 3 ringing and getting cut off but it worked.
Now I've not been too impressed with the Xmas range so stocked up on cleansers , popcorn lip scrub, and shower gel when first released . I was only interested in 2 gifts and didn't even give any gifts as I really have noticed a drop in there standards which over the years never get addressed but heyho
So I got 2 kg of my snow cake soap love it .
I also got 4 more so white bombs , 4 more party poppers, 5 golden wonders,3 more Santana sacks ,3 bottles slammer shower gel 100g. 2 midnight massage bars,

Next up I was so luck that I got both the gifts that I wanted bit never thought would have left or get in time . So I got
Yule love this tin ( wanted the tin mainly) it had a Xmas eve bar,Santa sack,full size comforter,pink rose bubbleroon,karma bar,mr punch soap . Candy mountain bar .
But it had fairly good contents not that poxy snowfairy gel .
'twas the night gift box . Had ros argan pot,Santa scrub, 100g twilight shower gel ,100g ponche shower gel,tub of Turkish delight shower smoothie,angels delight moon soap, North Pole soap,mr punch soap,buffy bar,sweetie pie jelly

Then last up topped up my shower gels abit more  twilight, ponche ,and the slammer.

That's my mini lush sale haul

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