Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lush limited shop haul

Hello everybody I popped into my new local store and grabbed a few things. as i had to return my happy happy joy joy conditioner due to a bad batch it was so runny and it was bubbling away . Well I ended up being given my money refunded as all the ones in store were the same batch and they were like mine . So I thought I would grab some grass shower gel for my son . Unfortunately it makes me sneeze non stop but is lovely and thick .Contains neroli,bergamot ,wheatgrass.seasalt.deep green in colour and oozes fresh summer walks.

Also I discovered that I have neglected to by any dusting powders for years since
Contains cocoa butter and jasmine but not over strong and sinks into the skin quickly.

So I brought some silky underwear it smells so nice but I don't like the new
Idea of putting it in bottles the sprinkler on the drums was far better and less waste full. But it's still very cheap unlike most things that have had huge price increases in lush .

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