Thursday, 10 January 2013

So long joliebox uk hello birchbox uk

So 2 months ago I said that joliebox had gone down hill with the sachets , and that birchbox was gonna take over in January . I was right we just been told . But what I would like to know is we pay more over here than say USA . So my question is are we going to have better consistency of boxes or as I fear we will not . When I first contacted them when they first merged they said it was to introduce the European products to USA . And as we all were asking if that meant we too could be getting the likes of nars and the like it was put across as NO .
So I feel we are maybe going to get the raw end of this deal while if you look at what birchbox USA have had in boxes since the merge are slightly better .
also are we going to see the boxes more and more likely like glossybox as birchbox have 4-5 different variants of boxes a month . I do hope not .
so how do you all feel about them being birchbox uk .
I think proof will tell and we all blog about them upon receiving .
Thank you reading and feel free to comment I would also like your views on birchbox boxes if you are outside the uk please.
Tell me why birchbox are the top of the boxes and if your views have changed . I would love to see test tube boxes set up in the uk .

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