Saturday, 19 January 2013

chocolate tasting club elements box

hello everyone ,So I've received my elements box through the door ,it's milk chocolate and a good choice and variety.
The chocolate tasting club Can be found here. £19.95 a box. and after your 3 box you get your 5%off discount card.and various offers through the year .just preordered Easter eggs.
So here is the box
milk chocolate elements box
this is the menu card ,it has all the info on telling what the chocolate is and what inside .

So first up is the dizzy .this has a swirl on top and is a smooth hazelnut praline,and
chocolate tasting club dizzy
The 40%milk chocolate tasting batons.
chocolate tasting club baton

Then we have tawny port ,with a red and cream top  ,a creamy chocolate ganache with a medium port.
chocolate tasting club tawny port

And billionaires shortbread  topped with cookies and chocolate.chocolate ,caramel,praline,cookies.
chocolate tasting club billionaires shortbread

We have a caramel crunch,a smooth caramel and smooth chocolate hazelnut praline,
chocolate tasting club caramel crunch

Coffee and walnut,all time favourites lovely creamy coffee with hazelnut and walnut praline,40% chocolate.topped with half a walnut.
 tasting club coffee and walnut
Pink champagne truffle. Enrobed in its pink casing,champagne and strawberry ganache with raspberry and strawberry powder .
chocolate tasting club pink champagne truffle

Raspberry mousse,crushed raspberries on top, raspberries whipped with white chocolate,cream,raspberry juice,covered in a milk chocolate cup.
chocolate tasting club raspberry mousse

Whiskey truffle.malt whiskey with rich chocolate filled inside a rich ingot shell.
chocolate tasting club whisky truffle

Salt and pepper.white chocolate circle on top.50% milk chocolate filled with black pepper and salt crystals,praline filling.
chocolate tasting club salt and pepper

So here is the score card you get and mark out of 10 each chocolate ,you then send it back or fill in on line .its so easy to do all you have to do is sit back and wait for the next box to arrive ,

thank-you for reading

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