Monday, 21 January 2013

loccitaine new Shea honey range. part 1.

hello everyone, today i received my order from loccitaine ,and i must say I'm impressed as normal.fee gift boxes all nicely packaged.
you can find the items here.'s-new,83,1,30327,0.htm

Little bit about the fair-trade Shea butter-
its a natural beauty balm,used by women in sub Saharan Africa.since 1980sloccitaine has maintained sustainable and fair trade partnerships with the women in burkina faso.loccitaine further support these women in return with literacy programs,entrepreneurship projects.

so I'm really looking at the new whipped Shea honey utter cream.but looking further i saw some more honey range items and thought i would do a bulk order of the range instead .so this is what i ended up buying and also had a code through the mail as well ,handy ,
so first off i decided on a duo as it was better than buying singles and also got the added bonus of loving both.
Shea butter and honey body care duo
so here is the Shea butter and honey body care duo -consisting of 125g of Shea honey whipped  body butter
this is a smooth softening aerated butter that feels like a souffle and blends well , it contains 10% Shea ,the honey extracts just cuts through the sickly Shea butter scent ,it sinks into the skin lovely and keeps the skin lovely and soft all day.i also love that the cream is in a good size tin that is self contained in a plastic container so the tin will be reused after .tolerance dermatological tested for sensitive skin.
Shea butter and honey whipped body cream.

Shea honey whipped cream on skin.

and the 250ml honey Shea firming gel.
now this i think i will be buying again think neat honey, it is truly a really thick gel i  mean really thick,a little goes a long way and lathers so thick and creamy  which i think is partially to the Shea .
it is also tolerance dermatological tested  for people with sensitive skin.
Shea firming gel
Shea honey firming gel

so as a duo pair it cost £29 but presently £25 introduction offer
or separately Shea honey whipped body butter £16 for 125g
honey Shea firming gel.£13 for 250ml

next up is the honey Shea hand cream, 30ml £8
creme mains honey hand cream.

sorry I'm a sucker for there hand cream,and this is one i look at and then a different one always keep taking the place .
so this is honey based,and blended with Shea these are a must as loccitaine are famous for there hand creams,  

i also got my free Shea butter pampering winter collection bag .£30 if not ordering over £30.
winter pampering collection

this contains 30ml Shea butter honey hand cream.
 15ml ultra rich face cream.
50ml Shea butter cleansing milk .
Shea butter refreshing cloth.
pampering collection contents.

and of course my 2 samples ,

and a lovely leaflet expelling the 25 products with Shea butter and 25 ways of using Shea butter .

thank you reading ,do you use loccitaine ,will you buy this,what do you think.

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