Sunday, 12 May 2013

may glossy box

happy birthday glossy box. its there 2nd birthday and here is our treat to you  .inside  is the glossy magazine and per usual.
you can find glossy box here.

so here is my box,there are a few variant boxes as is normal.
happy 2nd birthday box

may glossy box 
 so we got 6 items in this box.
roger and gallet.Fleur DE figuier collection.
gentle shower cream relaxing, 10ml sachet.
for sensitive skin,paraban free,no sulfates.
a sweet and fruity scent ideal for summer this collection is for you .you can find the collection on line or in marks and Spencer's.
replenishing body lotion 10ml.sachet.
24 hr hydration,no colourant,no parabans.
the Fleur DE figuier radiates light and opulence,provides a sensation of relaxation and well being.
eau fraiche parfumée.fresh fragrant water ,1oz sample vial.

roger and gallet trio.
premae harmony balm 10 ml sample.
made with aloe Vera butter.this indulgent free from skincare product in the collection.
this balm is an all purpose ,everyday multi tasked,skin protector,primer,also contains lemongrass oil for antiseptic properties.
harmony balm.
glossy box nail size .always handy.
glossy box nail files travel pack.
headline colours,poolside party nail polish,catwalk shade 10ml..full size £9.
a brand new colour collection with its finger on the button.each limited edition polish has ultra high pigment level for rich intense colour and gloss and a UV absorber for staying power.
less chipping .less flaking,free from toxins.
headline colours nail polish.
 beautiful movements cosmetics.(formerly BM beauty)2.5g sample.
new product launch alert. from Kimberly of the pussycat dolls.
prime and create mixing medium.
this is a clear aloe Vera gel base ,can be turned into a cream based foundation,blush,eyeshadow,
suitable for all skin types.endless uses are possible.

beautiful movements cosmetics.

jelly pong pong fairy lashes mascara.full size 8ml.£15.
not for the faint hearted ,this is there first mascara formulated to make eye lashes flutter and flap.
water resistant,fairy lashes make your eyelashes thicker and curvier,non clumping and it indeed never ran down my face in heavy rain.
also removes quick and efficiently .

all in all a good box .i like jellyponpong products ,there slowly growing in my product list.

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