Sunday, 5 May 2013

L Occitaine LA Collection DE Grasse.

the story of modern perfumery began in Grasse,a town in south of France.
rich and vibrant colours and beautiful fragrances ,local growers mastered cultivating rare and delicate flowers like jasmine,rose,orange blossom.
to compliment the extraordinary fragrances from Grasse,the perfumers travelled around the world in search of magnolia from the far east,vanilla from Madagascar,hence the modern perfumery was born
LOccitane has called upon KARINE DUBREUIL to create there new fragrance collection.
shares a love of Provence,and a taste of simplicity with Olivier Bussan,founder of LOccitaine. KARINE trained at the Roure school of perfumery in Grasse,
she works with over 3,000 raw materials.
so after 10 years of being introduced to LOccitaine KARINE has composed the LA collection DE Grasse.

Jasmine romantic & Bergamote elegant £49 ,75ml.
the harmonious marriage of these two ingredients  fluctuates between petals and leaves,freshness,sensuality,day and night.  Bergamot lights up the scent,jasmine with its rare and delicate luminous notes.
Jasmine absolutes from Grasse,and Egypt,Bergamot essential oil from Italy.
jasmine and bergamote

Magnolia mysterious & Mure sophisticated £49, 75ml.
between flower and fruit,mysterious Magnolia essence preludes juicy Blackberry notes.present throughout the Blackberry freshens the woody structure to soften it.
magnolia essential oil from the far east,blackberry infusion from the south of france.
i got 3 bottles of this its lovely.
magnolia and mure.

Vanille warm& Narcisse intoxicating ,£49, 75ml.
discreet at first,Narcissus swells to reveal white flowers and a spicy heart.
rich and radiant Vanilla blends with the wilder notes of Narcissus gives its sensuality.
vanilla absolutes from Madagascar,narcissus absolutes from south of France.
vanille and narcisse

the Vert fresh & Bigarde,vibrant.£49,  75ml.,
a lovely encounter of aromatic and citrusy freshness.
citrus notes burst forth in an accord of sweet and bitter orange ,all the while green tea and aromatic herbs soften the tea extract from japan,bitter orange essential oil from Tunisia,
the vert and bigarde,

petite Grasse fragrance collection. £28, 4x 7.5ml bottles of the above fragrance.

petite grasse fragrance collection,

my exclusive gift for ordering £40 or over.
drawstring bag from LA Collection DE Grasse,

exclusive gift.

 magnolia &mure EDT,7.5ml,

jasmine&bergamote EDT, 7.5ml.
divine cream 3ml,
divine extract 7ml.

jasmine bergamote,magnolia mure,divine cream,divine extract.


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