Wednesday, 15 May 2013

beautecobox uk whats new 1st box.

so hello again last month i came across a new beauty box concept ,so i emailed and subscribed after reading .
beautecobox is the new box on the block.
so your box ,your products.the box is as green as it is brown. the idea is you log into the boutique where you find 3 boxes,various items in you choose the box YOU good is this going to be.there are 5 items in each box. each box 1,2,3, is a will receive an email each month to say you can pick your box right up to when the boutique closes so no rush.all boxes can be sent in the UK as long as its an address that receives post.
if by some madness you forget to choose your box don't worry they will pick you out items for you and you will still get a box.
beautecobox items are a mix between beauty and a bit like birch box but maybe cooler.each month selections will be different so no chance of the same products creeping in every month.
you can find beautecobox FOR £10.+P&P here.
so this is my first box and i liked how heavy it was and how well packaged this box is.

first beautecobox

anatomicals body scrub full size 200ml £3.49
infused with fresh melon and mint extracts makes a refreshing deep cleanser for the skin and the scent lingers for the day.
anatomicals body scrub

anatomicals hand cream full size 100ml £3.00
this hand cream screams almond oil.also contains vit E, leaves hands non greasy and feeling smooth and soft.
anatomicals hand cream

 Dr Bragi age management moisturiser size given 5ml.  full size  £120 for 60 ml.
have used this brand before and is good .this face moisturiser helps reduce ageing and environmental factors,slows down collagen breakdown and a good all rounder.
Dr bragi age management moisturiser
melvita ultra nourishing cream,sample given 15ml. full size  £15 for 200ml.
really good for dry skin and is a rich cream that sinks into the skin quickly.
made with 3 different types of honey with thyme,orange blossom,acacia,royal jelly and argan oil.

melvita ultra nourishing cream 
moa balm,sample given? .full size £14.99 .50ml.
had this in boxes before .great for throwing in the bag .
use as a facial cleansing balm.made with yarrow .its been used for centuries  for its healing properties.
moa balm

so yes all in all a good first box will use everything .not often i say that .and will recommend to Friends to try as well.hope this box stays as its got an interesting concept with the choice of 3 boxes.and look forward to getting future boxes and products they come up with.on the bottom of the menu card is discount codes for ordering online.
have you brought this box what did you think and if not has it made you read the website and sign up and try one yet.

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