Sunday, 12 May 2013

hotel chocolate tasting club box.

so my latest tasting box has arrived and its looking good.
i get the all milk collection ,that way everyone in the house get one chocolate each for reviewing.
you can find the tasting club here.

you get ten different varieties to test .in the milk box.


so the selection one by one .
creme brûlée brownie.
chocolate brownies,creme brûlée,40%milk chocolate,a firm vanilla and caramel cream.mellow pecan,hazelnut praline.
peanut passion
a smooth praline made from roasted peanut paste,we added a European touch a pinch of Brittany sea salt to bring out the nuttiness.
raspberry rapture.
uplifting ,refreshing, the taste buds a real kick.tongue tingling raspberry juice in a creamy ganache,a hint of yogurt to give the frozen yogurt notes.
mocha praline.
coffee,hazelnut,chocolate gives synergy together,a velvety smooth hazelnut praline finished with a arabica coffee kick encased in a chocolate shell.
kaszebe vodka truffle.
vodka used to be made in small villages ,as a grain and potato harvests changed did there flavours,its one is made by single distilled.made from vineta potatoes grown in sandy soil of northern Poland,blended to a light ganach for the flavours to shine.
honey milk  tasting batons,
our love of honey dates back 10,000 years .
mixed with enough honey and chocolate to give strong flavours but not to much to make it overly sweet.
bitter orange and walnut.
orange and walnut may seem unusual pairing,but they are well acquainted ,the earthiness of walnuts and the citrus tang of oranges hit it off.mixed with a smooth praline of hazelnut and walnut.
spiced almond.
cardamon is an aromatic spice from the ginger family.
inside is a light almond praline whose  nuttiness and bitterness pairs well with the cardamon covered in milk chocolate.
salted chilli caramel.
got to say this blew my head off to the extreme i couldn't taste caramel let alone salt.just neat chilli.
so they say .
adding a pinch of salt can do wonders with a also helps balance out the this case you get a multi step experience,a mouthful of soft buttery caramel first,next a spicy chilli warmth,finally a calming creamy 40%milk chocolate.
amaretto armour.
with a smooth ,mellow almond flavour, its no surprise that amaretto is a favourite,sprinkled with amaretto biscuit to add a knobbly texture.
so all in all a good box except for the neat blow your head off and turn your body inside out chilly caramel.
and I've added my scores to my card and logged it on line .

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