Thursday, 1 January 2015

december okashi connection box,

okashi connection is a Japanese candy subscription box that sends out monthly.
ships from Tokyo straight to your door,
for $22.00 and worldwide shipping its a great box to buy, with all the best candy and snacks inside,over a pound in weight,
find the website here OKASHI CONNECTION please add my referral to the form ,ljblog, for a $1 off,thank you,
on opening the box is always jam packed with product.
and always includes an info sheet, log into the website for more detailed info and history in the secret blog on each product.


Anpanman Chocolate Koro-Koro Bal
these are like American candy called whoppers,, 
a thin crispy milk chocolate coating with crispy middle,
an easy dispenser container gives you just the right amount.designed with anpanman.

Lumberjack’s Chocolate Stumps
these are cute little treats in a box, a bit like the meiji's mushroom chocolate biscuits ,lumberjacks are tastier and richer chocolate, with a cookie filling, and taste great ,these don't last long though.

Pierre-Ojisan’s Strawberry Rollcake
a soft sweet sticky cake that is smooth but equally as rich.with its unique strawberry flavouring,these are a bit like  chocolate rolls we get in the UK, 
great with tea or coffee.the word ojisan means older gentleman,also uncle, either way he is a cute old man .

Sakeru Muscat Gumi
so this is sakeru gum.the word gumi means to be taken as a loose term ,this is not chewy candy rather taffy type chew texture.the flavour is muscat grape and when eaten slowly the flavour takes time to come out.
the word sakeru means split or tear,packaged in sheets you tear off in string form string by string.the bags also lasts longer this way.

Lotte Choco Pie
lotte choco pie are a classic treat,2 chocolate flat cakes with a cream filling then covered in chocolate ,great with a glass of milk or hot coffee,these are a grown up oreo .

Lotte Custard Cake
lotte custard pie, are like American twinkles  but a softer cake ,and this time a custard filling,great for snacking on,

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger
OK, this is rather different in that its a spicy little number,these are jumbo  corn puff sticks with a teriaki burger flavour,its flaky but hard and crunchy. but overall very tasty, with a drink,

Variety Christmas Pack
what a great selection pack to include for us all,
various flavour and colour combos,we have fried mocha sembei,chocolate marshmallows,mini umaibo in corn syrup flavours and chocolate flavours.and a random ramune flavour. a great Xmas tree treat ,

Abetsuko Fruit Ramune
ramune is the staple candy of every childhood kid in japan,these are little candies dissolve in the mouth and are various flavours grape,lemon,strawberry,melon,orange. each packet has a different animal on it.

Natsukashi Curry Sembei
natsukashi means nostalgic ,so i guess this packet of goodies means your remember the good times.
if you like spicy strong flavours it may not be for you, its a refined flavour.
want a snack but don't want to be feeling stuffed afterwards this maybe for you.
the colours are supposed to mean they are different flavoured curries but sadly you can't tell any variation.

Fuusen Bubble Gum
so the word fuusen means balloon.this is a bubble gum for blowing awesome bubbles.
the dispenser makes it great for carrying around , and although the flavour does not last long the bubbles can go huge.

this was my extra item this month, 
to be honest my teenage son stole it before i could get my hands on it.
but it was tasty candy cotton by the sounds of it.

my Christmas December box add on.
where to start , 
it was huge and jam packed with tasty treats,
kitkats,chocolate, ramune candy, snack kits,candy disks and chocolate ,
i really loved this add on ,so it was like getting 2 boxes  this month 

so this box and the add on was totally worth the money,i was upset it never arrived before Christmas but it arrived 2 days after and you know what once opened I'm happy it arrived in December, totally loved all the products  and  id recommend the  subscription to anyone looking for a candy box,

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