Saturday, 24 January 2015

okashi connection january box.

my January box arrived earlier in the week and we been trying it all out, this box is the best 
                OKASHI CONNECTION.
this is a Japanese candy and snack subscription box that comes out every month and is shipped world wide for $22.00 .postage is included in the price,
shipped direct from Tokyo,it takes about 2 weeks to get to the UK.
once opened you go onto the members blog and there you will find out about all the products in the box.
the box contains about a pound or 450g weight of candy and snacks which focus on seasonal items rather than weird filler items.
OK so on opening the box i knew this subscription was going to be a keeper.

also this month i was invited to buy the add on ,these you go to a link and then you can purchase as many of the items  as you want, i wasn't greedy and ordered one of each more to follow about this later.
you can find okashi connection here okashi connection website 
please add my referal code ljblog to the box when signing up thank you.

so my January not heavy on the candy like the December box so its a nice change to the system all round.

yoke watch is the newer version of Pokemon. so expect to see the characters popping up on packaging and billboards over japan.
this box of crunchy biscuit wafers is filled with a cream filling and has a coffee flavour ,these are very Moorish and the box doesn't last very long when 2 people are eating them.

chocolate wafers not overly sweet, these crack on eating and are very tasty 


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