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Beauteque Look Back Bb Bag


HELLO  and welcome to another review and un bag from Beauteque .com and their amazing beauty bags,
this bag was kindly sent to me to un bag and review for you all, 
newly released this month is a new bag collection the LOOK BACK AND THE HEAD TO TOE, 
the Look back BB bags and Head to toe bags are beauteques's hits of 2014 ,during their  debut first year customers and staff got to try some great products and  the best of these have been combined into 2x best of bags, if your new to the company these are a great starter bag.the bag i was sent was the LOOK BACK BB BAG.
check out the brand new monthly bag subscription here starts January.

click on the link for your country,
 LOOK BACK EUROPE  $6.95 shipping 
LOOK BACK USA,  $3.95 shipping.
LOOK BACK CANADA $4.95 shipping

so lets jump in and take a look, 
the bag comes in a well padded white padded envelope and if in the UK, comes via royal mail, no damage to packaging or products, and this arrived in 4 days,

my bag 
all the products come in a bag each time so it makes a gift to send as well as receive,

here are the products.

inside this bag is 6 products,

this cleanser is a cream foam ,a gentle cleaner that is packed with cherry scent and it smells so great.contains acerola,multi fruit bsc,amino acids.
you only need a small amount of this cleanser as it lathers up really well,
removes sunblock and make up with ease,it lifts off dead skin cells and daily dirt and grime off the face and neck with ease, after washing the skin feels refreshed tighter and a little more plump, i used a toner pad after cleansing to see if there was any residue left and it was clean, my skin feels fine and it does not seem to be drying or itchy, the cleanser is good for all skin types 
i Will be looking into the holika holika cleanser range little more.

these are my first and will always be my perfect stand by brand to reach for,
the caviar sheet mask helps with the skin firmness,and brightness, and also with elasticity.the thing with my beauty diary is they contain just the right amount of essence on the cotton mask,and i love how they even fit my small face, usually they are so big the eye holes come down by my mouth,the cotton sheet is also a thicker more luxurious quality compared to a lot on the market.
as i like these on my skin i leave on for 30-45 minutes then massage any remaining essence onto my  face and neck.my skin always feels moisturised and alive afterwards and the next day my skin still feels really hydrated.


i got one in a box a few months ago and haven't looked back,
the exfoliation brush is a great tool to remove dead skin and really get into those pores to clean the skin up.
first off i use the brush over dry skin to get the blood circulating,then add the cleanser onto the brush and scrub and massage in circular movements over the wet face, i do this for 5 minutes this foams up the cleanser and lift dirt and dead skin to the surface it also pulls the blackheads and unblocks pores and brings to the surface.
afterwards you wash off and clean the brush with water then hang up to dry.
the brush is so very soft it fits in the hand so well you have total control over the pressure you place on the skin

what a bright looking pack ,the pack contains 100 tissues .
on opening the pack i removed the sticker in the lid as per instructions,on opening the sticker lifts out one tissue at a time so with no need for excess handling,so all hygienic,
i have never used blotting papers  so this was new to me, i tried them out after a long hot sticky shift at work in a kitchen and couldn't believe how much oil came off on the tissue, i have dry to normal skin so this was really good to see.by simply placing over the face and lifting off i realised why the need for a better cleanser is needed at night time for me,
overall I'm now using these tissues after work before i walk home and my skin feels like it breathes rather than evidently being clogged up.
I'm converted ,now to try other brands,

This tube of cream goes a long way,you only need to dab a tiny amount around the eyes daily, 
loaded with collagen it helps to plump up the skin to even out lines and wrinkles, it helps to smooth the skin and give it some bounce back,
i liked the cream as my puffy eyes went down after a few days,this cream is great for smoothing,firming,softening,when used every day.
it was fine on my skin and i had no irritation which has happened with a few eye creams.

having received these in other boxes and stashed them in my box or sent to people i thought id give these a go , as they look like a gimmick .
this mask is cherry flavoured .to start with i cleansed my face,then did the face yoga as directed on the back of the packet,
(i mean if your going to try these things out you should do as instructed ).
after the yoga i opened the packaging and was met with a jelly gummy like sweet kind of mask,you place the mask over the lips and then(lie back on the bed and think of England).if not it tends to fall off the mouth, the hardest part was not to try and eat it after 15 minutes i removed the patch then massaged the lips again ,the lips felt soft and smooth afterwards,
i was surprised how well this patch worked and it wasn't just a cheap gimmick, i will be using more of these now.
lesson learnt. try everything once,or you may miss out on a holy grail product,

i really liked the products in this bag and love the cherry scented goodies .
the cleanser and brush go hand in hand and both work really well on my skin, 
the eye cream is being used night and day ,the lip patch mask was fun but also worked well enough to  make me use the others in my stash, it was quick and easy to use and was fun to wear and left my lips smooth and no dry skin around,
i learnt that blotting sheet tissues work for everyone and all skin types and are my new best friend, they are quick and easy to use and easy to throw in the bag ,pocket or locker at work,
who does not like sheet masks they are quick easy and effective and can even be used daily before falling a sleep and no need to wash off,i also like the way that the products all come in a purpose designed bag for holding the products and a menu card, the fact the bag is included means its an instant gift .
i really found this bag to be a good way to delve in to beauteque company as a whole and the types of brands and products they work with ,i can see why the bags have become popular and i can see more customers coming their way globally in the next few months,i think they had amazing fist year and the one thing i have seen month after month is that the bags are well curated and the theme is stuck to ,it incorporates the products and theme to a tee.
I've signed up for the monthly box subscription and will be reviewing those monthly for you all,
i ordered the still available milk bag which In my words was so awesome i would recommend for a gift or for yourself ,suitable for all ages review here,head to toe the milk bag.
i look forward to the first January bag soon.

disclaimer =this box was bought and paid for by me with my own money, all thoughts and reviews are my own , i was not paid or gifted by anyone else.

also available is the LOOK BACK HEAD TO TOE BAG,

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