Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Beauteque Head to Toe Bag.the MILK edition.

so this month i starting another beauty box /bag subscription service for the year.
this year 2015 I'm subscribed for the new Beauteque BB SUBSCRIPTION MONTHLY BAGS,more of that when the first edition the January bag arrives,

so once fellow blogger harlot of beauty showed me a peak of this new head to toe bag i just KNEW it was going to be mine,

this is the head to toe MILK bag.

Beauteque ship to the USA .UK and Europe,Canada.
all orders are shipped within 24 hours if ordered Monday-Friday.
the milk bag cost $25.00 to Europe and $8.95 shipping.
or $25.00 and $3.95 to USA
or $23.00 and $6.95 to Canada
find the bags to order here
the bags contain 7 products and are a variety of things ,you even get to choose certain items each month.

so we all know that milk is good for drinking but what about the body as a whole,
well this bag is good in that the variety of products all help with different  things in or on the body.
you will find it helps with brightening the skin,and clearing the skin,milk helps to soothe the skin and keep it smooth,while keeping it hydrated and moisturised all day and night long.helps to control pore build up,and makes easy work of removing dead skin.
if it was good enough for milk goddess Cleopatra its good enough for all of us,,

inside we get the intro card about the bag and on the other side are all the products and info.

each month the products come in a bag which differs each month ,

this toner is great for cleansing and clearing up the skin, it lifts the complexion.and is mega packed with vitamins,minerals,ions.
this feeds the skin with the nutrients it needs to push moisture into the skin.
simply apply onto a cotton pad and wipe over a freshly cleansed skin,

a lathering foam cleanser that remove stubborn make up and gunk. and opens up and cleans out the most clogged up pores.with milk extracts .

i have another flavour from this brand so to get the actual milk one is epic for me, its soothing and comforting ,the stick balm is easy to apply and hygienic ,the Shea butter is great as it melts on the lips like butter but so moisturising, the lips which are dry and chapped are soon kicked into step and leave a healthy smooth look worth kissing ,or using that statement lippy on.
i found that this is actually doing wonders for my lips while working in the kitchen all day at work a balm that gently softens and hydrates throughout the day is great for me,

i applied this fresh from the fridge and it made a great cooling pack, 
the sheet mask is a moisture mask for smoothing and leaves the skin soft and hydrated, it contains 110mg of milk extract.i left it on my face for 30 minutes and massaged remaining serum in to the skin and neck area.

so i chose the whipped cream as i wanted a good moisture bounty cream but not too heavy and not too thin, so i can use as a hand sleep mask at night,
this cream is made from donkey milk ,now we have received donkey milk in a few other K-Beauty boxes lately so this is a great choice to try for me, donkey milk is rich in essential fatty acids,minerals,and is very similar to human milk,this cream is light and fluffy it smooths with ease over the hands and sinks in well with no oily residue afterwards.great scented it helps hydrate the skin deep down while moisturising for the whole of the gives off that baby powder scent its quite comforting to smell,

why did i choose purple ,well purple is my thing and i have too many blue polishes, and I'm so not a pink girl,
this is in a cute baby bottle ,and the colour is great even with one coat.
the colour is lavender milk,

a double pack of face cleansing songs , I've just tossed the konjac sponge so I'm back to these ones ,
i really like these sponges and the size , you add the cleanser to it add water and lather up, then being a large sponge it allows you to really massage the cleanser into he skin to remove dead skin and dirt off. the sponge washes out well and dries quickly, 

so my thoughts on the bag are this, 
i love it ,it was well curated to the theme, the products are all very usable,shipping to the UK took 3 days and that included a weekend so its amazing fast.
I've used and heavily using all the products, i like the idea of everything packed into a travel bag ,these are great for home the locker at work, the boy for school and also for gifting presents in.
i think the price was fine for the international shipping as all the products are full sized, 
I'm interested in trying more products from the brand, and i also learnt the sponges are from the same company as dolly wink,yay.
all products also have long dates on ,i like the idea of a theme box and that you get one monthly whether this will change once the monthly subscription starts but I'm game for buying these bags .
also the parcel arrived in a large jiffy padded envelope ,totally safe and undamaged ,it even has the beauteque sticker seal totally intact,
and it sailed through customs.

my next review and UN bagging is going to be for the January edition of the new monthly subscription bag beauteque have started,I've bought the big bundle so join me for a year of beauties coming this way. 
to read up and sign up for the new monthly subscription follow the link,
you can pay monthly, for 3 months, for 6 months or the big whammy 12 months bundles the choice is totally up to you,

see you all very soon,xx

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