Wednesday, 27 November 2013

LOOT CRATE international gamers geek box

so welcome to my first ever  review on
                                            LOOT CRATE.
loot crate was an American and Canadian subscription box only. and many of us world wide have asked repeatedly for shipping elsewhere,well that time has come it is now open to UK and Australia shipping.
this box is great for gifting to partners,kids,or yourself.for the epic geek and gamer this box is best for new upcoming,pre release,early previews,books,tshirts,snacks,games,toys,hardware,art,and other goodies, found in the gaming market.
each box contains 6-8 hand picked items all licenced,
every looter gets entered into the monthly mega crate. giveaway.valued over $250 this month one person will win an xbox one and one person will win ps4. so cool.
all subscribers are called looters so i am one of many UK looters now.
once your box arrives its time to open and review on youtube,Facebook,twitter,,Instagram,tumblr,google+.
you can find loot crate here
on the 3rd box you receive your looters members card.
here is my first box.

the theme is CELEBRATE.
and the magazine is filled with all the information you need for each product.and also very Dr who inspired inside.

SOUTH PARK RECHARGEABLE MOBILE SPEAKER.comedy central &beatz buddies.
these are so cool.

BATMAN TYVEK MIGHTY WALLET,dc comics & dynomighty.
by night he protects the streets of Gotham city by day he's protecting your hard owned cash.tear resistant,water resistant, also included 20%off further purchase.

impress your mates with one of five awesome geeky playing card,robocycle ,stick man,guardian,gold dragon,red dragon . i got gold dragon.

this berry flavoured milk has the nutrition of a bowl of milk and cereal,so this is breakfast on the go.

with the new first person shooter launches on both current and next ten systems.

DOCTOR BALLOON, loot crate labs.
the doctor turns 50 this month and lets party with balloons because balloons are cool .
POLICE BOX WALL GRAPHIC,loot crate labs.
restickable graphic to plaster over and anything currently on my Mac Book Air .

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