Thursday, 14 November 2013


GLAM GURU  recently  had a special edition sale on there website where they had  8 special edition boxes to buy.
GLAM GURU are based in Israel.and they do subscription boxes for world wide delivery.
for £19 all in for the box and shipping to the UK. email them here for more info glamour  paypal accepted.
this time i went for box number 5.

LANCASTER flesh smoothing scrub.
a soft exfoliator for skin.not harsh on the a gel base,a slightly sticky feeling ,apricot seeds are  ground down for  scrub. a lovely gentle  smell.

on the go size for face and body.
non greasy formulae,sinks in well and rubs in and over the skin well.water resistant. for tanned fair skin.can help against sun damage.

all natural organic products .this is a lovely shimmer powder and can blend down to give a kissed look over the skin.

ELIN BIANCO,hair treatment mask.
i already have two sample pots left of this, i love this on my dyed coloured hair.
this is a creamy mask with a gentle scent.for all hair types especially dried or damaged hair works wonders on.salt free.and to use - after shampooing add over the hair leave for 5 Min's then rinse off.this mask contains keratin,sea buckhorn oil,flax oil,coconut,natural silicon,palm seeds,vitamin,A,E,F,

face cleansing gel.- gentle cleansing gel,formulated from the plant extracts,aloe Vera,jojoba.

eye cream- made by plant,herb,vegetable juices.

a deep red, lovely thick polish 2 coats .lovely and easy to apply with the thick wide brush,lovely polish from there great Colo Rama range.

so another good box from Israel from glam guru,roll on the next box..its always something different to try in these boxes.
i know maybelline is indeed found in boots,and such like BUT i would never buy for love is nails inc., so to try different brands in my colour shades in these type of boxes is a good exciting bonus for me.

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