Monday, 18 November 2013

fortune cookie soap. fall,Halloween,hunger games collections.

so hello to my short post of my  FCS shopping spree.
fortune cookie soap is an American company based in jenks.
you can find them here.

for all your bath and body products this is the place to head,forget lush they have nothing on these guys,an ever changing product range and some standard non changing scents, subscription soap box collection,regular mini collections and some main theme can find something to suit you.

here is my spree photo.

now I'm going to tell you there is rather a lot actually ,whoops so i will be reviewing each collection separately.i feel this will be the best ideal way to do it.

the fall collection,
found here at my previous soap box blog.
a collection of apples,acorns,cardamon,pecan nuts,pumpkin,blueberry,wood and musk,tart cranberries roasted sticky marshmallows.

quarter quell,hunger games catching fire collection.
you can find the collection here
based on the film and book fcs have used their imagination like last years original collection and come up with some real mind blowers this time round,
scents in this will include-toasted gram crackers,vanilla frosting,caramel,raisins,wild rose,violet blossoms,coconut,musk,ethereal oil,maple wood,laurel,clove,balsam,patchouli,sandalwood,vetiver,jasmine,marigold,amber,cedar,exotic herbs,grass,lily of the valley,peach,lemon,lime,anise,bread,cream,

you can find this collection here,
spooky and scary happenings have been going on in jerks this year.
you can rely on fcs team to go OTT for Halloween,
scents you will get in this collection are.buttered popcorn,vanilla,salt,orange,grapefruit,strawberry,melon,cherry,berries,citrus lime,bubblegum,patchouli,jasmine,lilac,candy floss,lemon drops,caramel,rotten apples,mulled fruits,cinnamon,brown sugar,warm oak,buttered cookies,sweet frosting,costing sprinkles,icing sugar.

so please read my review of each collection over the next few days.thank you.

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