Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Best of abeautiful world xmas 13 gift box.

THE CHRISTMAS BOX FROM a beautiful world went on sale on the 1st November.
for £55 but with the code it was £49,
this years box.all were full-size products included.
as usual sold out in hours limited amount of boxes available.

i love how these are packaged  so well and look striking yet pretty and worthy of sending as a gift.
best of Xmas 13 box
and here is my unboxing.
look at all the goodies.

best of Xmas 13 contents 
INDIE LEE,squalane daily facial oil 30ml. £22.00
this serum and brand is solely derived from olives,a light facial oil,use 1 or 2 drops as weeks go on down to 1 drop its more than enough.use on freshly cleansed skin.helps restore skin suppleness,elasticity, helps with skin toning,evens out colouration.and helps boost cell regeneration.
one of natures own face lifts.
not tested on animals,only natural ingredients used,paraben free,and exclusive to a beautiful world.
INDIE LEE squalane serum oil
MARBLE AND MILKWEED ,nourishing organic body oil. 118ml,  £29.00
luxury organic oil with rose,cardamon,sandalwood oils,and added vitamin,
this oils soaks in well and very quickly.my skin was left soft and smooth no after greasy feel either.
tonight i am going to add a few drops to more bath on this damp wet Tuesday i feel a warm glowing summer bath coming on.not tested on animals,paraben free,natural ingredients only,organic products,a beautiful world exclusive,

marble and milkweed

lovely natural Korean sheet masks ,i absolutely love sheet masks and always have plenty in stock,always plenty of serum on to massage over the rest of your body afterwards,my review for these from a previous post is here,can't recommend enough.face mask review

naisture collagen sheet face mask
KONJAC SPONGE,natural white,£6.99
i love these and have most colours now.cant recommend enough  and  even have my teen son using,
the pure white sponge is excellent for sensitive skin.and all skin types.
made from plant fibre the konjac is a potato and fully biodegradable easy to throw away after 3 months.the konjac sponge was a by product as Japanese have used these potato plants for over 1500 years for various uses medicines, food, beauty products.these sponges dry hard so just plunge in water to soften,leaves skin glowing,and refreshed.and gets the blood pumping .this white sponge is good for removing make-up  before giving the skin a good cleanse.it doesn't leave the skin sore as you use circular movements but its kind of soft not like a coarse loofah.
konjac white sponge
this is a pre shampoo treatment serum,a few drops warmed in your hands  and rubs through from roots to tips then wrapped in a warm towel for 15 minutes while you relax in the bath.it nourishes the hair and scalp and helps my colour last longer, this brand is full of natural botanicals and yarrow  and avocado and apricot oils.it washes out to leave a non oily clogging result,leaves my hair light soft and shiny.not tested on animals,paraben free,vegan,all natural ingredients,abeautifulworld exclusive.
yarok feed your youth.
MU LONDON,LIMITED EDITION,WHITE CHOCOLATE,elbow,knee,heal cream. 60ml. £19.00
this exclusive collaboration for abeautifulworld, this cream smell like milky bar chocolate.mmm.
this cream is so good rubbed into the joints and neglected areas like knees,heals,elbows  especially straight from the shower or bath while the skin is still warm.great for the colder months.melt between the hands  before rubbing into the skin.
organic Shea butter,cocoa,coconut butters and vanilla send this off as a luxury rich cream.
no animal testing,paraben free,natural ingredients,vegan friendly,organic ingredients.
MULondon white chocolate elbows knees,heals.

also included in the box was 20% coupon for  use  on future orders of which I'm sure to use them.
so another lovely box filled with totally usable products and some for making a Christmas hamper up with.was you lucky to grab one of these boxes.they sold out in a few hours again due to limited numbers.if not there next box is the spring/summer 14 box.sign up to be notified email. 

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