Thursday, 7 November 2013

FLAVR BOX,october.

so as of last month the release day is now bee set for the last day of every month.
this month we received our boxes with no info sheet and only 4 items,after a bit of social networking we were told that the info for the box would arrive by email,still not arrived.and the reason for 4 items was the expense as normally they wouldn't be able to include them in our boxes.
i do feel that we should really of been informed of these new changes before box arrival but hey ho.

you can find flavr box here.

NUDO ,extra virgin olive oil with lemon,  250ml  £9.00
lemons stone ground with a heavy oil.made from 100%Italian olives and made from the late harvest olives.has a slight lemon flavour but seems to be slightly overdone by the oil.
ideal on chicken or fish ,good for a salad dressing, but i used some to marinate some kleftiko.

luxury flavoured chocolate,inspired by the owners travels around the world.
the idea was concocted  on a train journey across India in January 2012.
while looking out of the window they were handed a cup of masala chai tea.
it was the most unforgettable moment of the trip,the flavours and spices mixed with milk blew there mind and wondered how it would mix with chocolate.
this is how the best recipes or ideas come about, this creamy milk chocolate oozes milk with cinnamon,cardamon,cloves,ginger,nutmeg,pepper,vanilla,to give a delicate spiced chocolate bar.

MONKEY CHAR chili chai red. 85g  £6.00
this tea won the great taste awards 2013,
caffeine free tea rooibos.
they use loose tea specialists.belong to the ethical tea partnership, a dedicated to ethical sourcing and hand blending,certified organic,UK tea council and tea advisory panel approved.
this tea is gentle and not over powering,it has cinnamon,orange blossom,blackberry leaves,cardamon,ginger,chili,red peppercorns,safflower.cloves.

SEGGIANO,sweet Sicilian cherry tomato tomato salsa 330G, £2.79.
grown in ragusa.Sicily, traditionally preserved in beer bottles.contains basil,celery,salt and pepper and olive oil.
this made a lovely bloody Mary vodka soup.

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