Thursday, 12 September 2013

love ME beauty SUB BOX (beauteco box)

hello and welcome to my unboxing ,
new re branded love ME beauty box

this months box went live the same time it was re its all new all round this month.
i personally liked the original name as it stood out from the numerous others but its better while it is a new company rather than further down the line.
you can sign up here,
for £10 a month its a bargain and all are full size this month.and always 5 products.
the difference from other boxes is with love me beauty is that there are 3 boxes each month,and on the 5th of each month the boutique opens and you log in and choose which box takes your eye, and then pay for it ,all very easy and simple.
box number 3 menu
September i chose box number 3.
to be fair two of the items i chose for m son to use and the others for me.
box 3 September love ME beauty box
MATRISKIN,collagen serum,lifting effect without surgery,7.5ml  $157 for 30ml.
an anti ageing serum ,fills ,reduces wrinkles,softens over time,use half a pipette of serum on the face for each application.use after cleansing and massage in well.
matriskin serum collagen

MURAD osmolyte tonic,infuse the skin with essential nutrients.15ml.   £10
a facial mist for adding moisture to the skin quickly.
murad osmolyte tonic,
ESSENTIAL CARE,gentle herb shampoo,30ml.  £3.50
70%organic,this gentle herbal shampoo balances and conditions all hair types.even coloured.
contains aloe,nettle,horsetail.
the first organic certified soil association standards,
essential gentle herb shampoo

this pen is split in to two parts one end has the day end the other the night end,
the day end-controls grease,regulates sebum glands,repairs and soothes skin after breakouts.or when spots appear,
the night end- mild natural ingredients bring out impurities and work deep down to brighten skin.

so my son has already taken this and is now drawing over himself and his back with his pen.
anatomicals day and night spot stick 
NIP AND FAB,clean fix gel,120ml.  £4.95
clean fix gel softens and revives the skin plumping lines and help preventing blackheads.removes all daily dirt ,grime ,and make up.
my son has nicked this as it cleans his skin up well.
nip and fab clean fix gel.
so another great box from love ME beauty.great choices all round even if my son has stolen 2 products,
looking forward to October box now.

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