Friday, 13 September 2013


my box has finally arrived at last.seems to be a delay going on but its here and I'm happy.
this month apart from it being fashion week we have been treated to a limited edition box as well, and i love it.
September London edition limited edition box
you can find glossy box here, for £10.

so the box contains 5 best of beauty brands.and all found  in and around London for fashion week.all wrapped in a specially designed wrapping paper and then limited edition box.
under the wrapping
so here is my September unboxing.
September glossy box UNboxing

EYLURE  pre glued lashes. £5.06pre glued lashes make less mess.less standing around waiting for them to dry.
simply remove from the tray and attach to eye for natural looking lashes.
eylure lashes
ELIZABETH ARDEN untold eau DE perfum,5ml.£4.80
love the gold box and the stunning bottle design to the point it is a good travel/handbag keeper.
the first thing on opening is its fruity and a hint of flowers coming through,
further reading takes me to .
top notes- blackcurrant,pink pepper,par.
middle notes- jasmine peony.
base notes-patchouli,sandalwood,amber,must.
each notes and scent brings its own feeling of vibrant,unpredictable,refined,mysterious,sensual.
overall i really like this i think its the blackcurrant that has made this a keeper.
Elizabeth Arden untold perfume
TONY&GUY ,hair meet wardrobe,classic shine and gloss serum,30ml.£7.19
limited edition packaged by lulu Kennedy.this classic shine serum  control and leaves the  hair to look shiny and glossy
Toni and guy classic shine and gloss serum,
best selling eye liner in the company ,been sent different colours from American sub boxes,stays on all day ,doesn't smudge and pigmented well.nib thickness goes from thin to thick easily.
be a bombshell cosmetics eye liner.
hd brows,BRONZER,IN bronzer 2. £19.95.
add warmth to your skin with this medium depth bronzer.suitable for all skin complexions.
hd brows bronzer 2
so after feeling a bit fed up with the long wait and lack of updates i have been cheered up again by a really good box,and yes i will use all but the eye lashes but hey they go in the bag for the girls at work so nothing gets wasted round here.roll on next month.

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