Monday, 23 September 2013


hydraluron moisture booster.

by indeed labs,
£24.99 from BOOTS,the chemists. hydraluron is aimed at retaining the water in the skin.
this serum contains hyaluronic acid,and red marine algae.
over time the serum increases  the skins hydration reducing the need for frequent topical moisturises.
dehydration in the skin leads to premature ageing,
this should be used morning and evening.
over time you should see changes in the skin ,-plumps the skin for elasticity ,firmness, increases cell turnover,smooths out the skin,softens lines and wrinkles.
so for over 2 months I've been using this serum/cream,morning and evening.
and Little goes along way,after the first day it seemed to tightened the skin,over the weeks my skin feels firmer and lines as such,the creases around my forehead are gone.I'm glad i tried it and will finish off the tube. i liked the product but as i don't have many lines to start with it didn't need much work doing.

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