Tuesday, 10 September 2013

EYSILIX,instant eye rescue,

so i have been on the look out for a new eye cream/serum for the winter months and the new brand i wanted does not hit the UK till October so i had a read up and decided to hunt down another brand on the up.
so today i am telling you about my new eye cream from indeed LABS,
i have currently been using it for nearly 3 weeks.and I'm loving the results,
eysilix indeed labs,

this eysilix cream is one of many products from indeed labs, i will post my review on hydraluron serum soon.but indeed labs say this eye cream is a break through eye contour treatment.from day one is visibly delivers instant and long term results.
it contains 10 ultra modern active peptides and the finest botanical extracts they can find to target the eye areas.
designed to instantly relax expression lines and wrinkles.
when applied it forms a 3d film that lifts and smooths.helps reduce puffiness,dark circles,fatigue,crows feet.
eysilix boost,radiance,luminosity.

eysilix instant eye rescue,
for best results use this morning and night as part of your routine,
so cleanse,tone,add eysilix,moisturise.
on the first day of applying my eye area felt tight where the skin felt pulled.i have no wrinkles or crows feet but any fine lines i may of had over the course of a few weeks i cant see no longer.
my eyes don't feel puffy or tired.over time the skin around the eye area feels toned and not slack.
I'm glad I've tried this product as i only used a pea size amount on the eye area and still have half a tube left, so i may continue till i finish the tube up and then try the other brand. but i do think i will come back to this brand and cream again just because I've been happy with the results.
i tracked this down in boots UK also online from boots for £24.99 which i would say overall isn't very expensive at all.

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