Saturday, 21 September 2013


i decided to try a new food based subscription box. here it is,
                                                             FLAVOURLY BOX.
a monthly based box with sweet and savoury,delivered to your door. for £15 ,
you can find the company here.
i quite like the idea of monthly based food boxes as you can generally plan to use them in a meal.

the flavourly menu sheet with all contents info.

my box

flavour box

love righteous,100% salad dressing in mild  blue cheese and cider.
a company from London .an award winning dressing,nut free.vegetarian cheese used .this is a creamy dressing ideal for crispy salad leaves.also good for raw veg dunking.

love righteous mild English blue cheese and cider dressing

nib nibs.west Cheddar cheese straws.
west country British cheddar, nut free.vegetarian.made in ripon.

nib nibs cheese straws

portlebay popcorn co popcorn co.
bacon and maple syrup popcorn and sweet and salty kracklecorn.award wining product ,made in Devon UK.
the sweet and salty flavour was lovely,just the right amount of flavour. made by adding cane sugar to the pan as son took the the bacon flavour i presume it was good they lasted about 5 minutes.
portlebay popcorn and kracklecorn
supernature,orange infused rapeseed oil.
award wining,vegetarian,gluten free,nut free.
made in Edinburgh .natural flavourings. i love this over chicken pine nut avocado salad.
super nature oils

MR FILBERTS,Peruvian pink pepper cashews and peanuts.
hot air roasted cashews and peanuts tossed with peppercorns and sea salt.
vegetarian,gluten free,dairy free,made in somerset.

Mr filberts nuts
 fajita from Mexico fajita spice mix,and recipe card.rock salts ,natural spices,
great for wraps vegetarian or meat wraps.
nut free,made in Edinburgh.
fajita seasoning
so a great first box,all good value and great choices,i didn't get to try he cheese straws as my son nicked them ,and the tomato popcorn,but i got the other bag of popcorn.

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