Friday, 20 February 2015

okashi connection.february edition,

welcome to  my February okashi connection box,
what is okashi connection=

               OKASHI CONNECTION.
this is a Japanese candy and snack subscription box that comes out every month and is shipped world wide for $22.00 .postage is included in the price,
shipped direct from Tokyo,it takes about 2 weeks to get to the UK.
once opened you go onto the members blog and there you will find out about all the products in the box.
the box contains about a pound or 450g weight of candy and snacks which focus on seasonal items rather than weird filler items.
OK so on opening the box i knew this subscription was going to be a keeper.

also this month i was invited to buy the add on ,these you go to a link and then you can purchase as many of the items  as you want, i passed this month as it was chocolate,
you can find okashi connection here okashi connection website 
please add my referral code ljblog to the box when signing up thank you.

the box is well packaged,

my box,

when open these packed you are treated with a cute tray of chocolates.
when you bite into them they are filled with a caramel type cream egg filling,
these taste do good,just like UK cadburys chocolate,

in japan crisp fries are very popular.and come in cans and pots.
they are aerated so more like a wotsits type texture , these are frankfurter and mustard and the flavour is so good, smokey with a hint of spice from the mustard.i really like these.great while watching TV, very Moorish and tasty.

these are not any marshmallows these are Japanese marshmallows ,when you open the the packet the smell is a strong fruity one. these are slightly different they have a silky texture and a filled centre,the texture is slightly heavier,denser than the light airy fluffy ones you regularly eat.the centre has a deep flavourful rich blueberry goo in the centre,these are very tasty indeed.

puchi products are great  and a great variety.
we received the pure white valentines packaging,these are rich white chocolate cream filling filled between sweet light wafer biscuits.
these taste sweet but not overly, and make a great treat between meals.

this has white and pink packaging ,the biscuits are a buttery sweet crisp texture,
the texture feels bitty and slightly grainy,the flavours and cookie tastes like a sweet biscuit.

a classic japes snack,these are salty,food for munching while watching films or on the go,a  mix of peanuts  and cracker bits,the flavours are salty ,soy,these are found as bar snacks in japan ,the name means-kaki =persimmon(fruit) and take means seed so its like the fruits seed.

okashi connection found the corn flavour ,but finally found a consomme flavour in the flavour test.the packing is a cute box,and inside the base was a sticker.these are crispy like wotsits and have a beefy flavour like beef monster munch crisps, they went down so quick id love another box or bigger pack.

confused by the name sounding like a heavy metal band.japan shorten names and tittles by linking together,so snack and corn becomes scorn.these are japans corn UK wotsits or  USA Cheetos.this isn't the full intense flavour of BBQ as we know it ,slightly tamed down it was still nice and crunchy and we enjoyed them , a great size packet as well.

we have had these in a previous box so this time we got a butter cream flavour,these are soft and creamy ,but not overly sweet.not a rich taste its a light airy snack to eat anytime of the day.the cake is more doughy than previous flavours, and the butter cream is a great roll to try out.

these are packet in foils  just like medicine tablets are, you simply pop one out and eat,they are slightly chewy and taste of a gentle apple not full out there rammed packed apple taste and scent,let it melt a little on the tongue first before biting into it,

what is a popcan= well its a lollipop candy,  the varieties are huge strawberry and soda,grape and muscat,mixed fruits ,cola,mystery flavour,the flavours are a very delicate hint rather than over powering,things from japan,china,Korea and elsewhere in Asia seem to tone down flavours and scents where as else where in the world we like them stronger and bolder, i like the variety and the flavours being a little subtle sometimes,
i got mystery flavours, its creamy but then sharp,it tastes a lot like butter beer.

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