Monday, 9 February 2015

january first edition mask genie 5 mask pouch subscription,

mask genie is a monthly mask subscription, 
mask genie set out to provide a selection of masks from all around Asia at an affordable price packed into a pouch and sent to your letterbox.
there are two types 
a pouch of 5 masks -$12.00
or a pouch of 10 for $22.00
shipping to the UK took 4 days so as usual very fast.
to order check out the Facebook page,-
payment is done through paypal.

all the masks are from Asia not the cheap masks found and made in china ,
genie has road tested all the masks that appear in the the pouches herself and can be found on the page and on her website.
for the first month i decided to get the 5 pouch as i have a few to use up and from February I'm back on the full sized one.

in future months genie is looking at adding a different mask in ,so look out for a nail mask, or feet mask,or feet peeling mask, hair mask, 

so here is the pouch.

these eye patches are of a silicone material.they are shaped as lying and yang or a tear drop.and they stick under the eye to plump up and firm laughter lines ,and wrinkles,
they come in a round plastic dish which helps to hold them as you peel off the sticker.
the mask is rather sticky and place under the eye they sit there for 30 minutes ,with ingredients such as collagen flower extracts.
these ingredients push deep down into the skin.

i really liked the eye masks one of better sets I've used before.they are very sticky and stuck to my skin like puffy eyes had gone down  a lot ,and the skin felt a lot firmer afterwards.

my puffy eyes had gone down after wearing these masks.

the mask is a thick cotton mask ,it has good amount essence  and no too much, i like that this has eye flaps in that you can wear it with the flaps over your eyes for total resting and treatment or open and carry on with other things.
this mask is fine on most skin types  and you leave it on for 30 minutes.
its a gentle mask in that it gives a slight firm skin result, 
 syn-ake is similar to snake venom,and it also has added vitamin E.

i liked the mask but i didn't find it as beneficial in moisturising ,hydrating and firming as my general masks, i think this is the basic mask of my 5 pouch, it didn't wow me ,but its not bad.
the actual mask didn't fit well and kept moving down my face.

this mask kept moving down my face while wearing 

this is a cute packaged pig mask.
the mask is aimed at pore tightening,
the mask has collagen which helps to moisturise and feed the skin,gives elasticity and leaves vibrant skin,

this is a good mask works great on drier skin, my skin and neck felt really hydrated even the following morning.
left on for 20-30 minutes ,liked this mask ,there was enough essence for massaging into the face and neck and bust area afterwards,

these are little patches that fit over the nose ,can be stuck on to the chin and also forehead for  stubborn blackheads,
they are a paper patch that re infused with green tea extract  and additives ,these help to pull out all excess oils and bring the blackheads up to the surface and onto the patch,
to use simply wet the nose peel off the paper backing and stick to the nose ,basically once the part patch is bone dry then its time to remove ,

this smells really strong of green tea ,it stuck on well and hurt a bit when trying to peel off my nose,but my nose was a lot cleaner and clearer ,i do like this brand and we use them weekly,

OK so this is not a full face mask like you usually buy,this is a half mask,designed for the bottom half of the face and nose,its a black sheet mask,on opening this is a folded up mask,open it up and place on to the face ,as soon as you apply to the skin it will start bubbling up, leave on for 10-15 minutes the sheet will give bubbles double the size.remove the mask and wash the face,

i saved the best mask till last.
this mask is so fun to use and wear.i liked how the mask covered and worked on my trouble areas,my face feels cleaner and tighter ,it did need moisturiser on as it felt like my skin was screaming out for moisturiser an hour afterwards,
but i really liked using this mask and will be buying more of these.

on first applying to the skin,

5 minutes on the skin,

after 10 minutes and still bubbling,

so here is my first month of the new mask genie pouch and yes I'm happy with this subscription, i liked that we get to try out good quality masks, different masks, and also different kinds of sheet masks, i know they have been sourced from proper factories and the overall price of the pouch is great value as that included shipping, 
i look for ward to February's larger pouch,from now on, 
also each month we get to vote on one product to go in the following months pouch again,
i hope its the mediheal soda bubble mask,
if your interested in face masks take a look at the link above  and buy a monthly pouch to try out,
this is good value as sheets masks are not easy to come by still in the UK,
i will be back soon with the next pouch to review and show you.


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