Friday, 13 February 2015

STYLE BOX ,Australia's first Korean subscription box.

welcome to a new subscription box ,

                                            STYLE BOX  from style story,

style box launched in February 2015, 
they curate a beauty box each month for the Australian market, filled with Korean brands and products,
you can also buy the full sized products from their online shop, style story present to you some great products and all the new and well loved and well known brands,
there are 2 boxes for Australia 
basic $20.00 for 6 full sized mini sized and sample sizes,
this is ideal for a total novice and has no idea where to start with Korean products and brands,
deluxe $36.00  for 6 full sized and deluxe products,
for deluxe  Korean products from well known brands,
these boxes are available monthly or for 6 months or 12 months.

international box is available here -BUY BOX HERE.
this is on the basis of the deluxe style box, 
$46.00 or £29.86 postage included.
you get 6 products full sized  and deluxe and sample in this box .
this box is a buy when and if you want no commitments ,so you don't need to buy every month, sounds like a great plan .

so here is my first box for February, 
it took a week to ship to the UK, arrived quickly and well wrapped in a white mail bag, no customs charges ,all marked accordingly.
inside was a white box 


an award winning serum .essence, this has anti agin properties due to the ginseng.
and restores the skin and tightens with the use of snail mucin.
INGREDIENTS ARE = red ginseng,snail mucin,egf,
use after cleansing,
i got 5 days worth out of the sachet, you only need a tiny amount,it massages in to the skin really well and the texture is nice ,it doesn't dry the skin,and the skin feels firm.

the face shop is a well known Korean brand,and this product uses a star product called adlay.fermented is the Korean version of organic products so its a huge thing to see ,
INGREDIENTS,=adlay is used for healing properties and is great for acne skin,sore or blemished or sensitive skin,
this cleanser is also a fermented product meaning its treating the skin with enzymes, 
this is great for dry and sensitive skin,
my son has been using this on his face and shoulders morning and night and I've been trying it out in the mornings ,its very creamy once mixed with water, it doesn't feel like the skin is screaming for moisturiser afterwards but it certainly felt and looked a lot cleaner and brighter.

this intrigues me,as I've only had a gel lash cover for over mascara , 
this mascara is a base booster you put on before applying mascara,
so its basically a mascara primer that helps to thicken  and lengthen your lashes,the wand is slightly curved and it grabs onto lashes and coats then really well,
INGREDIENTS= natural wax, and olive give volume and effect,
so  Ive been using this and it seems  to grab the mascara and it stays on longer ,it comes off easy with my eye remover and it seems to be moisturising , so i will stick with using this product when wearing my mascara from now on,
i like the brand as it has some good skincare ,but the make up is always fun to try,

these are easy to blend and this blush glides over the skin so well,
it is a vivid pink,
this is easily blended into the skin,the actual blush feels bouncy like a marshmallow,easily blended with fingertips or sponge,smells nice,it gave my deathly anaemic skin a gentle glow,

this product is for treating blackheads, its a non irritating formula,the gel dissolves.
the idea behind this product is that is unblocks pores ,tightens the pores up,it uses plant extracts to dissolve the black heads away, this is safe to use on all skin types,
INGREDIENTS=grapefruit,papaya medofoam seed oil,
so my son has been using this and is finding it very easy and quick working.
he massages initiate dry skin then rinses off with warm water.
it has reduced his blackheads and also reduced the serum and excess oils.
its a great product and smells so good, the oil /gel is a great texture but not so messy to use.

add a touch of bling to your eyes with the crystal tear, a Korean favourite .
to get the Korean AEGYOSAL look ,apply the eye liner underneath the under eye area and blend,
i received the pink and its a lovely colour,the brush is so fine it gets right into the corners but also gives such a great line for fine drawing.not a colour id ever buy but i like this a lot ,so its a great product to receive and be able to wear,

so my thoughts on this box are actually good, i don't like sachets but as all other products were full sized i not to worried, 
the box is actually good in that the make up products actually suit my skin ,and the cleanser my son soon snapped up ,it really is a nice product as it is really creamy and works well on the skin, the son also took the its skin blackhead gel and i think as you have to do nothing with it as such he will like using it, he liked how you massage over the skin throw water over your face and its all finished, typical teenage boy there.
i liked the fixer mascara and also the blusher, value for money shipping to the UK ,is no different paying the same money to a memebox or an American subscription box.
will i be buying another box yes i will, i hope this box goes from strength  to strength as we need a new box that ships international,

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