Wednesday, 16 October 2013


So my October review is a bit late due the computers braking down and broadband not being authorised to infinity its been a mad couple of weeks trying to work off phones,

So my Flavour box is here,
You can find the boxes here,Flavourly box.

Portlepopcorn is based in Devon,
Crispy bacon and maple syrup Flavour has made a return visit as it was such a good one last month.sweet and savoury all in one bag.Award winning ,gluten free,

Kent's kitchenKent's kitchen is based in kent,
Thai red curry meal kit, a 3 stage easy to use meal.award winning,gluten free,nut free,

My olive branch,based in London,
Made from farmers around Greece, mezzo pastes and products,
Award winning,vegetarian,nut free,

Eat 17 bacon jam,based in London,
Is it a jam or a spread,or a  relish,.its all 3" used on toast or in burgers,or a spoon in pasta sauce ,
Award winning,nut free,

Oloves olives based in west Sussex,
Available in 4  flavours,ready to eat,
Vegetarian,gluten-free,nut free,

Love righteous,ginger and toasted sesame, based in London.
100%natural dressing,tasty salad dressings.
Award winning,vegetarian,gluten free, nut free.

Stoats porridge,based in Edinburgh,
100% natural porridge  oat bar, with seeds ,fruit,
Vegetarian,vegan,gluten free,nut free,

Jaz and Juls, based in London,
Organic hot chocolate,proper chocolate flavoured with fruit or spices.
Vegetarian,gluten free,nut free,

Clearly scrumptious.based in keighley.
Crunchy dried fruit .in a ready to go pack.
Vegetarian. Gluten free.nut free.

Another lovely box and all things have been used already,

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Beauty Balm said...

love bacon jam so versatile. Got it in an earlier box x