Thursday, 10 October 2013

NORIKO SOAP by lush.

as part of the lush UK Christmas range.this year they have brought back noriko soap finally.
many years ago when it was last on sale here and with the old style soap base i stashed a lump of this before it disappeared.
generally only ever released for Christmas in JAPAN now,as its a big seller there,i decided to grab some fresh batch. 
this soap is lovely and creamy,softening,lathering,(if you like sultana and snow cake style you will like this).
noriko soap was invented by noriko way back in 1999,
its a lovely soap to use after a stressful day in the bath or shower.i prefer to think of this as a herbal floral soap.includes-lavender oil rose absolute,orange oil,ylang ylang,sake, and the moisturising part comes from tofu,rice,coconut oil, i get lavender and ylang ylang mostly from this soap then the floral comes out last ,
its a lovely soap with the bright jelly pattern on top,
so if you want a slightly non sweet smelling soap this year go an check this out at your latest store.
100g £3.40 /  250g £8.50 / 500g £17.00.


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