Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A beautiful life box a/w 2013

Hello and welcome to my a beautiful life box from a beautiful world.
This is out of stock now and they go so quick. This is the a/w box. But for £20 no surprise there.

So here is my box unveiled.
naisture Collagen mask 
A sheet mask loaded with collagen and here is my review i did previously.

Tili bags.
Posh bags for stashing snacks.make up. Liquids.  In your bag or for travelling and holidays.

Feed your ends leave in conditioner.
100% vegan. Gluten parabans. Sulphates.animal friendly.

Butter London nail polish.
Full size bottle in shandy swatch. A lovely apricot looking polish.

Vmv hypoallergenics know-it-oil.
100% organic coconut oil . For face , body, hair.
This was so easy to use it sank it to the skin and left it so soft.

001GLA and anti-oxidant balancing cream.
Contains witch hazel.melissa.apricot kernel. Vitamin e.
Sw basics of Brooklyn.
She's butter. Coconut oil.olive oil,all over universal cream with only 3  ingredients . Glad I got this to try as been eyeing it up for a while.
Square lane facial oil. 
100% derived from olives.a first for this product in the uk. You only need 2-3 drops on a freshly cleansed skin. Massage into skin.

Modern chai no 2.
 Chai tea mix Assam. Cinnamon.cocoa.ginger. Saffron.
Marble and milkweed.
Nourishing body oil. Jojoba.sesame. Rosehip.coconut.sandlewood.vit E. Cardamom.

Sw basics. Cocoa lip balm.
3 ingredient only product. Very smooth and moisturising . Glided on well. No dragging.cocoa butter.coconut oil. Beeswax.

The Konjac sponge co.
100% vegetable  fibre sponge  this pink sponge is with added pink clay. For tired or devitalized skin.this sponges are proving popular in the uk as much as in Korea and Japan. I have a collection of these in different colours . I love these as they are so quick and easy. Massage over face then rinse and leave to dry .they go hard but just soak with water next use.

So a really good box. If you like the look of this for £20 I would suggest you sign up ready for the s/a 2014 box. I'm off to use my sheet mask now .did you get this box or miss out what are thoughts on this box.


Beauty Balm said...

I love my box. Already got some favourites x

Lorna Johnson said...

It sure is a lovely box. And some real products to buy again

anonymous said...

Enjoy your Yarok leave-in conditioner :) And thanks for supporting us and!

Lorna Johnson said...

thank you abeautifulworld, i just used it again the yarok is really nice,also using the 001balancing cream love it.