Friday, 25 October 2013

LOCCITANE shea butter shop

so i needed to grab some of the limited edition violet range which is only around for a limited period.
I've been waiting to get my hands on this range since  trialling the shop samples they were given.

so my list to go shopping with was violet body cream and violet hand cream.

LOCCITANE violet hand cream.30g £8.00
Shea butter a gentle and subtle violet scent,
i love the LOCCITANE hand creams as they are so moisturising and soothing with no greasy after feeling.yes i have absolutely loads of there hand creams ,in every scent going i can't help them,

LOCCITANE violet body cream. 100ml.£16.
25%Shea butter.,this ultra rich ,smooth cream nourishes and protects the skin is smooths in so well with no dragging or greasy after effects.the violet scent lingers on the skin in a subtle way not strongly.this violet scent is a little sweet not full on flowery.

OK i know i said i was going in for 2 items but.

the autumn limited edition hand cream tin collection.iconic Shea cream in new scents.
30ml- passionate jasmine Shea hand cream,
30ml- loving rose Shea hand cream,
30ml- subtle violet Shea hand cream.

also while i was in there i came across this,
as i like body sugar scrubs i thought i would try their scrub.

LOCCITANE one minute hand scrub, 100ml.£13.
organic exfoliating brown sugar is a gentle scrub.used to get rid of dead skin cells.hard skin.
this scrub includes Shea butter,sweet almond and grape seed oils.
this is a lovely hand scrub and also good for  getting those winter feet ready .

my goodies from my 2 item shop.

 at present in store when you spend so much on Shea products you get to choose a Shea bag for free.
i chose the purple set.
inside the bag is
ultra rich shower gel 75ml.
contains 5 %Shea butter. rich softening and moisturising .

ultra rich lotion,75ml.
contains 15%Shea butter.nourishes and protects and gives 24hr protection.

milk extra gentle soap,100g,
vegetable soap with Shea butter,lathers well and helps the natural moisture balance.

ultra gentle moisturiser 10ml.
8%Shea butter,fragrance free.used to strengthen and protect the skin all year round.use on face and neck.

dry skin hand cream 10ml.
20%Shea butter keep you hands soft and nourished  with our hand cream.

so a good shop with some added extras to try out.also with every shop you get your samples free so i got the hair shampoo,conditioner and hair mask to try out.
next week the new perfumes come out .

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