Sunday, 12 January 2014

my LUSH valentines range picks 2014.

this year LUSH have given us some new products and some previous ones but adapted them a little.
i decided to try out the NEW products.
you can find the whole range here lush valentine range.
i popped in to Canterbury  to pick them up and got bex to explain it bit more to me.

LOVE LOCKET, BATH BOMB. £6.95. 262g.
it looks huge but in fact is only a mere 60g more than the standard it is expensive for what it is.but when you split it in half you get 2 baths and inside is a smaller heart for another bath so it is 3 baths out of 1 bomb,
inspired by the love locket worn around the neck with your loves photo inside.
like the locket this locket needs to be cracked open to find the secret inside.
it is full of surprises.packed with essential oils,sweet and floral fragrances,combined with paper confetti hearts,pink and yellow lustre.scented with jasmine,vanilla,neroli oils.

NEON LOVE SOAP. 100g-£4.25.  250g-£10.60.  500g-£21.25.
inspired by the 12 months of neon love art installation,
this soap is so pretty and even more so when cut,the pink lustre soap and white love hearts all through inside.
fresh figs,passion fruit,Bergamot,rosewood,soya yoghurt.
i sniffed many chunks from the same large one and some lacked scent but this piece has full on passion-fruit,with a creamy soya yoghurt and a hint of fig,i don't get the bergamot or the rosewood but woo passion-fruit I'm happy.lovely soap and it lathers really well and hasn't dried my skin.

PRINCE CHARMING SHOWER GEL, 100G-£4.95.250g-£9.25,500g-£15.95.
prince charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset ,leaving your skin silky and smelling soft.
with added marshmallow root,FAIR TRADE vanilla,fresh pomegranate juice,grapefruit,sandalwood,geranium.
now this doesn't smell too great from the bottle for some reason the grapefruit over powers but once you pour not your hands on to the skin the pomegranate starts to come throughout i feel this is over powered by the geranium,it could of been REALLY GREAT,but seems to of missed the did scent the skin for a while afterwards though.
I'm sure it will grow on me the more i use it.

over all the new bits i have tried i like and will try and grab another chunk of the soap as it is so fruity and creamy.but yay for some newer products finally.

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